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Introducing East Japan Railway Company's New Vending Machine Subscription

First, let's take a look at the video, "Japan's First Vending Machine 'Subscription Service' Twice as Many Applicants as the Quota!"
This is a news broadcast video about the hot, new, first ever vending machine subscription service in Japan.

The video introduces "Everypass," the vending machine subscription service provided by East Japan Railway Company Water Service.
This article will take a look at the brand new service in Japan.

A Tidal Wave of Applicants for the New Vending Machine Subscription Service!

Image of digital signage
Photo:Digital signage

The video shows the innovative vending machine "acure," located inside the stations of East Japan Railway Company, as shown at 0:15 in the video.

According to the broadcast, despite the fact that the initial quota for this subscription service was 500 people, in just 4 hours nearly 1000 people (twice the quota) applied for this service.

What Is the Vending Machine Subscription Service? What Kind of Plans Are There?

Image of a woman drinking water
Photo:A woman drinking water

The first vending machine subscription service in Japan began accepting applicants in September 2019.

This service has two plans: the "Acure Made Plan" where you can receive one drink per day out of some selected products in a vending machine by paying 980 yen (~$9.40 USD) per month, and the “Premium Plan” where you can receive one drink per day out of all products in a vending machine by paying 2480 yen per month.
The “Acure Made Plan” is made to automatically switch into the “Premium Plan” after a month.

How Can You Use This Vending Machine Subscription Service?

There are about 400 vending machines in the stations of Japan East Railway Company Area that you can use with this subscription service.
At the same time as the initiation of this service, Japan East Railway Company also expanded its point-return system for the electronic money "a href="" target="_blank" class="textlink">Suica."

As you can see at 0:26 in the video, you can purchase a drink by holding a QR code that is delivered to a special app on your smartphone, up to the vending machine.
You can receive one drink per day with this special app.

Summary of East Japan Railway Company's Vending Machine Subscription

Image of a vending machine
Photo:Vending machine

In recent years, more and more vending machines that accept electronic money are becoming available, in addition to the traditional method of purchasing beverages with small change.
Furthermore, we can expect to see an increase in the number of convenient subscription-based vending machines like the one shown in the video, in the future.

If you’re interested in a convenient subscription service that allows you to buy drinks at ease, why not apply for Everypass?

【Official Website】 Everypass – acure pass

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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East Japan Railway Company Launches a Groundbreaking Vending Machine Subscription! What Is This Revolutionary Service, and How Do You Use It?
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