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Tsukiji Outer Market's "Monzeki Street"

The video “A view of Monzeki Street in the Tsukiji Outer Market(【街並み】築地場外市場 もんぜき通り),” introduces Monzeki Street in the Tsukiji Outer Market. Monzeki Street is a shopping avenue in the Tsukiji Outer Market located in Tsukiji, Chuoku, in Tokyo.
The original Tsukiji Wholesale Market moved to Toyosu Market in October 2018, but the Tsukiji Outer Market is still open in the same location in Tsukiji even after the original Tsukiji Market moved.

The street is located on the north side of the Ichibabashi intersection, along the Tsukiji 4-chome and 6-chome Shin Ohashi Street between the Tsukiji 4-chome and Shijoubashi intersections.
There are over 30 shops on the street, and it is the most popular sightseeing spot at the Tsukiji Outer Market.
The name of the street “Monzeki” comes from the Monzeki Bridge that used to be in Tsukiji.

Explore the Popular Tsukiji Monzeki Street

There are a lot of restaurants that are originally for people who work in the Tsukiji Outer Market, so many restaurants serve quick delicious lunches with a stand-and-eat style.

The shopping avenue is an arcade and close to Ginza. People enjoy a variety of food from different food stands as they walk along the streets. There are also many kinds of restaurants, such as ramen restaurants, seafood restaurants, coffee shops, and restaurants featuring cheap and delicious food.

Well-Known Stores/Restaurants on Monzeki Street

There are well-known sushi restaurants and many other famous shops on Monzeki street. Here, we'll introduce a few of them.
The first one, shown at 0:37, is Kitsuneya, a restaurant that specializes in offal meat. Their specialty is "Hormone-Don," a bowl of beef offal cooked using their signature red miso sauce over rice.
The ramen restaurant Inoue, which you can see in the video around 2:04, is a famous ramen restaurant in Tsukiji. Inoue has been in business for 50 years. Unfortunately, it is currently closed due to a fire (as of July 2020). In the video you can see a line of people waiting at Inoue; not an uncommon sight with how popular the restaurant is,

Also, the ramen restaurant Wakaba (in the video around 0:23) is famous in Tsukiji as well. The curry restaurant Sakaeya next to Wakaba is an amazing curry restaurant, and our personal recommendation.
The Tsukiji Outer Market is known for its Kaisendon (seafood bowls). Maguro Donburi Segawa is THE place for Kaisendon. You can see it in the video around 0:25. Their only menu, a bowl of tuna marinated with homemade soy-sauce-based sauce, is so delicious it was featured on the popular TV show "Ado Machikku Tengoku."

Image Of Tamagoyaki

Some of the best tamagoyaki restaurants in Tokyo are located on Monzeki street, including Marutake, the home of TV producer and personality Terry Ito, as well as Tsukiji Yamacho, Tsukiji Shoro and Daisada. Maguro no Miyako is famous for its grilled seafood. Their fresh seafood and grilled scallops are to die for.

Sightseeing at the Tsukiji Outer Market

Image of Tsukiji Outer Market
Photo:Tsukiji Outer Market

Monzeki street, at the Tsukiji Outer Market, is also popular among tourists from overseas. There is the information center "Platt Tsukiji" that introduces tourist destinations for international visitors. They also distribute a map of the Tsukiji Outer Market as well as other information.

They also have a coin locker where you can leave your baggage and walk around the Tsukiji Outer Market.
You're not allowed to carry a suitcase on Monzeki Street so the facility is very convenient for people coming directly from overseas or out of town.

Let’s Visit Tsukiji Outer Market's Monzeki Street!

What'd you think? We introduced a lot of famous restaurants at the Tsukiji Outer Market. There's places that are great not just for sightseeing, but also for dates or just walking around and trying food vendors. Enjoy the atmosphere of the Tsukiji Outer Market through the video!

Other than restaurants, there are also vegetable stands, clothing shops, and dried fruit shops on the street so you can enjoy browsing around and hunting souvenirs.

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Enjoy All the Goodies of Monzeki Street at the Tsukiji Outer Market in Chuo City, Tokyo! Explore the Streets of a Shopping District Popular Among Foreign Tourists!
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