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Countless Capsule-Toy Vending Machines Line the Walls of Akihabara Station. So Many of Them It’s Hard to Choose! Let’s Get Some Quality Capsule Toys!
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Cute, Popular Products From the 100 Yen Shop, Daiso! Cute, Colorful Masking Tape to Get You Excited!
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Stroll Through Tokyu Hands, One of Japan's Most Popular Shopping Centers! Japanese Goods Are Very Popular All Over the World! You Can Even Find Souvenirs Here as Well!
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This video, titled "日本のおもしろグッズ Japan in Motion S14#20 “Tokyu Hands”," was released by "Japan in Motion."

In this video, Japan in Motion, which introduces the latest news and culture in Japan, visited the Tokyu Hands store in Hiroshima.
It's a popular home center that offers a wide range of products, such as sundries and DIY life hacks that will make your life more convenient.

This video introduces a new kind of "scratch coloring book" that can be used as a postcard.
It's also a postcard, so it's the perfect souvenir from Japan, and you'll get addicted to scratching it away.
There are also a variety of Japanese patterned sundries that are worth checking out.
The mini gachas are also really popular, and even adults get excited to try them.

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Sep. 15, 2020
有田 和義(Kazuyoshi Arita)
Tokyu Hands Is a Shop With Many Interesting Goods and Japanese Souvenirs That Will Get Your Heart Racing! Try Not to Lose Track of Time Looking at the Wide Variety of Japanese Goods Available!
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