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The Robot Avatar Orihime

This video, titled "Be Anywhere With Your Own Avatar|A Japanese Venture Developing Robots" (自分の分身でどこにでも ロボット開発した日本のベンチャー), was released by "BBC News Japan."

Have you heard of the robot avatar OriHime(織姫)? This video introduces the robot avatar OriHime that was developed by a startup company located in Mitaka city, Tokyo.

The video is about Ory Laboratory that is run by the robot researcher and the developer of OriHime Kentaro Yoshifuji(吉藤健太朗) and the interesting story of how OriHime was developed. Watch the video to learn about Japan’s advanced technology.

Why Was OriHime Developed

Yoshifuji Kentaro developed OriHime from his own experience of feeling lonely while he was hospitalized for a certain period of time.

At that time, he thought of a way to allow bedridden people to communicate with others remotely throughout the internet.
Yoshioka Kentaro now goes by the name Yoshifuji Ory, and has become a person who is drawing attention from all over Japan and the world.

Even Those Confined to a Bed Can Operate the Robot Avatar Orihime!

Even a bedridden person can operate OriHime remotely by his/herself. It takes a little time to get used to, but using a microphone, speakers, and using the "OriHime eye switch" communication device, even a bedridden person can operate OriHime easily with their eyes and fingers. You can see OriHime being operated at around 1:16 in the video.

Expanding Our Capabilities With OriHime

Image of remote work
Photo:Remote work

Orihime is not just for those suffering from illnesses either. It can also be a tool to communicate with family members who are away from home, working remotely, etc.

For those who have kids that you sometimes have to leave at home alone, OriHime can be a good tool to check in on them.
Besides parenting, it is also useful for children's education, with programs such as OriHime education, OriHime-D, and OriHime children's programming.
As Japan's workforce continues to decline, the presence of robot avatars such as OriHime and remote work will grow.

Orihime - The Robot Avatar Drawing Attention From All Over the World

OriHime is now drawing attention from all over the world. OriHime being an employee of the cafe "WIRED SHIBUYA" in Shibuya made headlines around the world.
The uses of OriHime will also expand by improving service staff and robot communicators.
The robot is now drawing attention from around the world, and the creator, Yoshifuji Ory, is considering exporting the robot to different parts of the world in the near future.

Having the product you created help people not only in Japan but also worldwide is a dream come true.
It is precisely because he is taking on such a challenge that the young robotics researcher has attracted so much attention.

Summary of the Robot Avatar OriHime

The video intrioduces Yoshifuji Kentaro, the creator of the robot avatar OriHime. For many watching this video it's probably like seeing the future you dreamed of as a child finally come to life.
It will be interesting to see what OriHime, the Japanese robot avatar, has in store for us.

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Last Updated : Jul. 17, 2022
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A Future Where Man and Robot Coexist Is Just Around the Corner. The World Created by OriHime, a Robot Developed by a Young Japanese Robotics Researcher, Is the Path to the Future!
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