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The Basketball Robot, CUE4, in Action!

This video, titled "CUE4, a Basketball Robot Powered by Cutting Edge AI Technology, Takes on the World's First 3-Point Contest! B.LEAGUE ALL-STAR 2020 IN HOKKAIDO" (最先端の AI テクノロジーを結集したバスケットボールロボットCUE4が世界初3ポイントコンテストに挑戦! B.LEAGUE ALL-STAR 2020 IN HOKKAIDO), released by "B.LEAGUE," introduces the latest basketball robot.

The first thing you see when you play the video is the amazing sight of an AI basketball robot making a spectacular shot.
Let's take a look at this basketball robot, which moves with the dexterity of a professional basketball player!

The Basketball Robot, "CUE4"

CUE4, the basketball robot sinking shots left and right, was created by a group of Toyota volunteers, and is an AI technology robot filled with the wisdom of its development team.

CUE4 is the fourth robot in the CUE series, and joined Alvark Tokyo, a professional basketball team in the B1 professional basketball league, in 2018 as a professional basketball player.
CUE4 made a whopping 12 successful shots in the few minutes shown in the video.

What Kind of Activities Is CUE4 Used For

This video shows footage from the B-League All-Star game held at the Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center.
CUE4, a basketball robot wearing a team uniform, makes a spectacular shot at the half-time show, as shown in the video.
It uses an avant-garde system in which sensors determine the location of the hoop and artificial intelligence takes a series of shots.

In the video, the robot grabs the balls lined up next to it and makes free throws with impressive form.
You can also see it smoothly glide across the court at 0:39 in the video, exciting the fans!
His fluid movements are like those of a real professional basketball player!

CUE4, the first robot to play professional basketball, made headlines when he was loaned to the Levanga Hokkaido in 2020.
CUE4's uniform number is "94".

CUE4 Certified in the Guinness Book of World Records!

Image of Guinness

CUE4 was registered in the Guinness Book of World Records under the category "most consecutive free throws made by a humanoid robot."
The previous record was held by his predecessor, CUE3.

In the future, the team aims to improve the power, speed and accuracy of CUE4 so that it may take on the 3-point contest.

Summary of the Basketball Robot, CUE 4

CUE4, featured in the video, is a professional basketball robot developed by a team at Toyota.
The video, which is only about 2 minutes long, has been played over 1 million times in the months since its release.

Check out the amazing skills of CUE4 as he sinks shots left and right!

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This Robot Is Sinking Shots Left and Right! Its Smooth, Light Movement Is Just Like That of a Professional Basketball Player!
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