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Sumo Wrestling at the Takadagawa Stable!

This video titled “SUMO- A DAY in the Life at Takadagawa Stable” is a Sumo stable coverage video, created by “”.
Sumo, a Japanese national sport, is a sport that attracts attention not only in Japan, but also overseas.

However, it is usually not known what kind of training the Sumo wrestlers do.
Check out the video for a detailed introduction on the rigorous Sumo wrestling exercises.

What Is Sumo Wrestling? a Look Into Its History and How It Is Performed

Image of Sumo wrestlers battle
Photo:Sumo Wrestlers Battling

Sumo is a "Bushido" (Martial art) that originates in the ancient Shinto rituals of Japan, and the wrestlers battle while the “Gyoji” judges their play.
"Honbasho" (an official professional sumo tournament) is an important performance where the Sumo wrestlers are ranked.

There are also regional tours that are held in various areas such as Fukuoka (福岡, Fukuoka) and Nagoya (名古屋, Nagoya).
Many Sumo fans come to the venue to get a glimpse of the powerful Sumo wrestling, that wrestlers from each Sumo stable, such as Yokozuna and Ozeki wrestlers, participate in.

The Training of Takadagawa Stable

The stable covered in this video is Takadagawa Stable in Kiyosumi Shirakawa (清澄白河, Kiyosumi Shirakawa), Tokyo (東京, Tokyo), and it is known as the stable that Ryūden Gōshi belongs to.

As shown at 0:15 in the video, the Sumo wrestlers begin their morning exercise with a warm-up at 7:00 O'clock.
The first step is to get their bodies warm using movements such as “Shiko” (Sumo-style leg stomps), “Suriashi”, and “Teppo”.
The “Oyakata” (master of the room) seen at 0:44 in the video, enters the training room together with Katsumi Takadagawa at 8:30.

The wrestlers’ head-to-head exercises, introduced from 1:13 in the video, is the training of wrestlers from the lower ranks.
As you see from 1:45 in the video, Katsumi Takadagawa, the master, also wears Sumo wear and coaches enthusiastically.

Finally, “Makuuchi Rikishi” Sumo wrestlers rise to the ring and perform their head-to-head defensive exercises.
Taishi Kagayaki, introduced at 1:49 in the video, is also one of the wrestlers in the Makuuchi division.

After the exercise finishes at 11:00, Lunch starts at 11:30.
The meal is “Chanko Nabe” (a type of hot pot) introduced from 2:54 in the video.
It is a traditional custom that the master (Oyakata) and “Sekitori” start eating first.

The wrestlers don’t eat before the exercise introduced above, so their first meal is lunch.
At 12:30 after the meal, Tokoyama (a hairdresser for Sumo wrestler) ties the Sekitori wrestler’s hair in a private room.
Wrestlers other than Sekitori, who have finished cleaning after meal then have their free time.
In addition to Tokoyama, which is featured in the video, Okami is also an important person who supports the Sumo Room.

Summary of Exercises at Takadagawa Stable

The impressive and powerful performances seen at the main Sumo wrestling venues and local tours are the result of constant daily training.

Depending on the Sumo stable, they may open the training to the public so you can visit, so be sure to check their official websites if you want to attend.
If you want to support Japanese Sumo wrestling, think about joining a Sumo stable!

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The Powerful Training of Sumo! What Training Do the Wrestlers of the “Takadagawa Stable” Usually Do? Check out the Tradition of the National Sport That Has Been Handed Down Through Japan Since Ancient Times!
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