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Introducing the Traditional Japanese Food "Oden"!

This video, titled "ODEN – IS JAPAN COOL WASHOKU," introduces the traditional Japanese food "Oden." It was created by "ANA Global Channel."

The video introduces Sakae Funadaiku (舩大工栄), the owner of the oden restaurant "Otafuku" in Asakusa, Taito ward (台東区), Tokyo.
From 2:01 in the video, you can take a look at the delicious oden being served at Otafuku.

What Kind of Dish Is Oden?

Image of Oden

Oden dates all the way back to the Muromachi period (1336 AD-1573 AD).
A dish known as "Tofu-dengaku" (豆腐田楽) became popular amongst the people of that time and eventually became the "Oden" known and loved today.

Sakae Funadaiku shares more about the history of oden starting from 0:50 in the video.
Oden is a comfort food that has gained popularity over the years and is commonly sold in Japanese izakaya and at food stands called "Yatai."

In recent years, the number of convenience stores selling oden is on the rise.
You can also purchase the ingredients yourself and prepare oden at home.
There are many recipe sites online such as "Cookpad" where you can learn how to make oden.
We highly recommend giving this low calorie yet highly satisfying dish a try!

How To Make Oden

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Oden is a popular hot pot dish that contains a variety of different ingredients.
These often include daikon, konjac, boiled egg, atsuage (thick, deep-fried tofu), satsuma-age (deep-fried fish cakes), hanpen (pounded fish paste), tsumire (fish dumplings), ganmodoki (fried tofu fritter made with vegetables) and chikuwa (tube-shaped fish paste cake).
There are some areas that also include beef sinew and chikuwabu (tube-shaped wheat cake).
Slowly simmering the ingredients over a long period of time is what makes oden so delicious!

Try Different Kinds of Oden All Over Japan!

Image of Shizuoka oden
Photo:Shizuoka oden

The seasonings and ingredients used to make oden vary depending on which area of Japan you are in, so you can enjoy comparing the different flavors of each region!
You can try the Kansai-style tsuyu sauce-based oden or the characteristically dark broth of Shizuoka-style oden!

In Hokkaido, it's common to eat miso oden in the summer!
There is also a popular anime and story book character in Japan based on oden called Oden-kun (おでんくん)!

Summary of Oden

Image of Oden

This introductory video is packed full of oden footage that will leave your mouth watering!
Oden can be enjoyed for either lunch or dinner as well!
If you are interested in trying oden, check out some restaurant reviews and hours online and visit a restaurant to try it for yourself!

The next time you go traveling in Japan, definitely check out the traditional Japanese dish "Oden" which has been loved by the Japanese people for hundreds of years!

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Last Updated : Nov. 6, 2022
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