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ASMR Shaved Ice Made With Fresh Fruit: Video Introduction

This video, titled "Variety of Shaved Ice! Watermelon, Peach, Melon, Pineapple," was uploaded by "Chocolate Cacao."

In this video, you'll learn how to make delicious shaved ice using fresh fruit. The video also features some relaxing ASMR! The sounds of cutting and crushing fruits, shaving flavored ice, etc. are a treat for the ears, making this video perfect for ASMR enthusiasts. Be sure to check out the video as you follow along with this article.

How to Make Shaved Ice With Fresh Fruit and Chocolate Milk!

Here are the delicious fresh fruit shaved ice recipes shown in the video.

●Watermelon Shaved Ice
・Cut off the ends of a sliced watermelon so that it can be used as a bowl (to be frozen later).
・Hollow out the inside, remove the seeds, and freeze in the container for shaved ice.
・Serve in the frozen container.
[Video] 0:43 - How to Make Shaved Ice With Fresh Watermelon
In the video, cocoa is added to the finished watermelon shaved ice. It is an unexpected combination, but apparently it goes well together.

●Melon Shaved Ice
・Cut the melon in half, remove the seeds, and mash the melon while hollowing out the inside with a spoon.
・The melon rind is also used as a bowl, so freeze the melon and its contents separately.
・Place the shaved melon ice in the frozen bowl.
[Video] 2:29 - How to Make Shaved Ice With Fresh Melon
The cocoa doesn't seem to go well with the melon as much as with the watermelon, but the melon shaved ice itself seems to be very delicious.

●Peach Shaved Ice
・Cut the peaches in half, remove seeds, and peel.
・Cut the peaches into pieces so that they can be easily packed in the containers, mash them in a bowl, and freeze them in the containers.
・When frozen shave and serve in a glass bowl.
[Video] 1:47 - How to Shaved Ice With Fresh Peaches
Cocoa doesn't go well with peach shaved ice, as you might imagine. It seems to be best with no chocolate.

●Pineapple Shaved Ice
・The pineapples shaved ice also uses the rind as a bowl, so remove the leaves, avoid the core, and hollow out the inside.
・Cut off the core and freeze the contents and container separately.
・Place the frozen contents in the pineapple bowl.
[Video] 3:09 - How to Make Shaved Ice With Fresh Pineapple
In the video they recommend no cocoa for this one either. The coolness of the pineapple is delicious and great for cooling off in the summer heat.

●Chocolate Shaved Ice
Milk: 100 ml
Granulated sugar: 12g
Cocoa powder: 6g
Couverture chocolate (70% cocoa content): 30g
Fresh cream (45% fat): 30 ml

・Chop the couverture chocolate.
・Mix the milk with the granulated sugar and cocoa powder over low heat.
・Add the chopped couverture and mix well.
・Turn off the heat, stir in the cream, remove from heat and freeze.
・Shave the frozen chocolate with a shaved ice machine and serve.
[Video] 4:01 - How to Make Shaved Ice With Frozen Chocolate

Fluffy Shaved Ice With a DOSHISHA Shaved Ice Machine

In Japan, this kind of shaved ice, with its fluffy yet crunchy texture is the most common type you'll find. Pearl Life's shaved ice machine used in the video can make frozen fruit shaved ice with the same texture.
The latest model from Doushisha, which sells a number of electric shaved ice machines, can reproduce the fluffy, crunchy texture as well as a thicker texture, making it possible to enjoy shaved ice just like you'd get at a restaurant.

Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka: 3 Places to Enjoy Delicious Shaved Ice Made With Fresh Fruit!

Not many stores offer shaved ice using fresh fruit. Here we'll introduce some of the most delicious and Instagrammable shaved ice stores that use fresh fruit.

・Cochill Juice - (Kameido)
This shaved ice is made from with whole Shizuoka BENI-HOPPE strawberries, produced by a fruit juice specialty store. This fresh fruit shaved ice is seasonal, so it's definitely worth trying during the summer months.

Yukinoshita (雪ノ下) (Kyoto Headquarters) (Nakagyo, Kyoto)
This shaved ice made from fresh fruit is made by a store famous for its pancakes. Please note that reservations are required to enter the store.

Kakigoran (かきごおらん) (Kita, Osaka City)
Kakigoran offers shaved ice made from fresh fruits without using any water. You can enjoy luxurious shaved ice made with popular fruits.

Summary of Shaved Ice With Fresh Fruit

Did you enjoy the tasty-looking shaved ice and soothing ASMR? Shaved ice is a popular sweet treat in the hot summer months in Japan and is easy to make at home. Nowadays, you can even use a store-bought shaved ice machine to enjoy shaved ice like it's served at a restaurant.

Frozen fruit shaved ice using fresh fruit from convenience stores in Japan is easy to make. By topping the fluffy, crunchy ice with syrup, ice cream, chocolate, and other toppings, you can enjoy your own original shaved ice treat. You can make it even more stylish by using the fruit rinds as a bowl. Try making some delicious and stylish shaved ice this summer and enjoy the sunny weather!

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Making Delicious Shaved Ice With Fresh Fruit. Frozen Treats and ASMR to Cool Off and Relax This Summer
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