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Delicious Hitsumabushi Using Premium Duck in Uji, Kyoto! Learn How to Make & Enjoy the Instagrammable Dish via Video!

This video, titled "Kyoto Duck Hitsumabushi in Kyoto" (Kyoto duck Hitsumabushi in Kyoto - 京鴨ひつまぶし かもしぎん - 京都), was uploaded by "T-BOX Japan." The video begins with the grilling of premium Kyoto duck over charcoal, and then introduces the different ways to enjoy hitsumabushi.

Kamoshigin – A Hitsumabushi Restaurant in Kyoto

Kamoshigin, located near Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station on the Tozai Subway Line, is a restaurant where you can enjoy hitsumabushi and shabu-shabu hot pot using Kyogamo duck, a premium brand of duck from Uji, Kyoto.
In the video, you can enjoy a close-up look at how the delicious duck hitsumabushi and oyakodon hitsumabushi are made, as well as the different ways to eat them.

At night, the restaurant offers an extensive menu of shabu-shabu hot pot and seared sashimi, as well as courses offering smoked dishes. Reservations are not available for lunch, but can be made for dinner. On weekdays, a private, modern Japanese-style room can be reserved starting from groups of 6 people. We recommend this restaurant for those looking to try the famous Kyogamo duck of Kyoto.

What is Hitsumabushi?

Image of Hitsumabushi, Nagoya, Aichi
Photo:Hitsumabushi, Nagoya, Aichi

At Kamoshigin (京鴨ひつまぶし かもしぎん, Kyogamo Hitsumabushi Kamoshigin), hitsumabushi is made with kyogamo duck. Hitsumabushi is a dish that originated in Nagoya, and was made with eel. The basic way to eat Hitsumabushi is to first eat it over rice. The second way is to add condiments, such as wasabi, shredded seaweed, and chopped green onions. The third way involves pouring dashi over the rice, creating a type of ochazuke. The remaining one-fourth of the dish eaten in your preferred style, from those introduced above.

Mouthwatering Kyoto Duck Hitsumabushi – A Generous Helping of Meat

The video introduces two lunch menus. The first is Kyoto Duck Hitsumabushi (京鴨ひつまぶし, Kyogamo Hitsumabushi). The dish begins with premium quality brand duck meat roasted over a charcoal fire. As you can see in the video, the duck meat is plentiful and protrudes from the bowl, and is sure to look great on Instagram for any foodies out there!
[Video] 0:53 - Grilling Kyoto Duck Over Charcoal
[Video] 4:40 - Delectable Kyoto Duck Hitsumabushi

Their signature dish is ¥2,200, but if you think it's a bit too much food, there's a smaller version that you can order for ¥1,650.
The waiter explains how to enjoy the taste by dividing the dish into four equal portions, just like you would for eel hitsumabushi.
[Video] 5:07 - Staff Explaining How to Eat Hitsumabushi

Oyakodon Hitsumabushi – Juicy Kyoto Duck & Refreshing Spring Onions

The next dish, Oyakodon Hitsumabushi is also introduced in the video. The duck meat cooked over binchotan charcoal and topped with a tender egg is looks extremely tasty! Since the oyakodon is also hitsumabushi, it's served with dashi broth at the end.
The restaurant is open for lunch from 11:30 am, but please note that the restaurant closes once it is sold out. The Oyakodon Hitsumabushi costs ¥1,500.
[Video] 10:50 - Oyakodon Hitsumabushi

Summary of Kyoto Duck Hitsumabushi in Uji, Kyoto

Kyogamo Hitsumabushi Kamoshigin is easily accessible, being just a one-minute walk from Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station on the Tozai Subway Line. It's also a 5-minute walk from Sanjo Station, making it easy to find even if you're visiting from a faraway place like Tokyo, or even from overseas.

Check out the mouthwatering photos on Kamoshigin's Instagram page as well. After watching the video showing how Kyogamo Hitsumabushi is made, you're probably thinking about trying it. If you're visit Kyoto, we highly recommend trying the delicious duck dishes at this hole-in-the-wall, modern Japanese-style restaurant!

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Delicious Hitsumabushi Using Premium Duck in Uji, Kyoto! Learn How to Make & Enjoy the Instagrammable Dish via Video!
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