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This video, titled "Eat at Home! Enjoy the Best Ramen in the World at Home With "Iemen" (Home Noodles)" (家で食べよう。天下一品のラーメンがご家庭で楽しめる「家麺」), was released by "Tenka Ippin Official Channel" (天下一品公式チャンネル).

This video introduces how to make Tenka Ippin Ramen at home.
All you need is a pot, bowl, measuring cup, kitchen timer, ladle, and cooking chopsticks. There are two flavors, rich and light, so you can purchase whichever one you like best.
Try the home cooked noodles and enjoy the best in home-made noodles.

This video explains how to make home made noodles from scratch with video, so if you're interested, be sure to check it out.

If you like ramen, you'll know the name Tenka Ippin! With house noodles, you can recreate at home a delicious ramen that will appeal to everyone!
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