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This video, titled "伝説の屋台ラーメン 深夜限定グルメ 京都 ぽん太 日本拉麺 A Legendary Street Ramen in Kyoto Japan! Dramatic "Ponta"," was released by "DELI BALI."

In this video, they introduce "Ramen Ponta" which is a street ramen that only a handful of people know about.
Nowadays, there aren't many street truck ramen shops in Japan, but Ponta is still open from 9:30 PM to 2:30 AM.
It is hard to go to this shop because it is late at night, but it tastes great and it's one of the best shops for after going to an Izakaya.

Check out the delicious ramen from Ponta shown in the video!

Mysterious shop Ponta open only in the middle of the night! What is the history and taste of this legendary street-side ramen?
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