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Check Out the Video on How To Make Hand-Rolled Sushi!

This video, titled "A Sushi Chef Teaches You in 2 Minutes! Learn How To Roll Your Own Beautiful Sushi Rolls!" (寿司職人が2分で教える!手巻き寿司を激的に綺麗に巻くコツを伝授), was released by "Sushi Technology Channel" (寿司の技術チャンネル).

Sushi is a Japanese food with which you can feel Japan's unique traditional culture.
Sushi comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, but the hand-rolled sushi shown in the video is one of the most popular recipes among people of all ages.
In this article, we'll introduce the ingredients and how to make delicious hand-rolled sushi alongside the video.

How to Make the Beautiful Hand-Rolled Sushi Shown in the Video

image of hand-rolled sushi
Photo:Hand-rolled sushi

First, check the front and back of the seaweed as shown at 0:17 in the video, and place it on the makisu (bamboo mat) with the rough side (back) facing up.
The key to making a good wrap is to put rice on this seaweed in a triangular shape, covering about a quarter of the area of the seaweed.
This can be seen from 0:25 in the video.

Following this, add wasabi, spreading it over the rice evenly and then add the other ingredients.
After that, roll up the seaweed, taking the bottom right corner of the seaweed and folding it over the rice.
It's recommended that you add soy sauce to the finished sushi.
Making hand-rolled sushi requires skill, but after a few tries and some dedication to flavor anyone can make it.

At 1:19 in the video, the hand-rolled sushi that was made is disassembled once more to show how simple it is to make.

Various Ingredients to Make Your Very Own Delicious, Hand-Rolled Sushi!

image of Ingredients for hand-rolled sushi
Photo:Ingredients for hand-rolled sushi

The appeal of hand-rolled sushi is that you can enjoy making different variations by using a wide variety of ingredients.

Ingredients that can be used for hand-rolled sushi include popular ingredients like tuna, salmon, thinly fried eggs, and cucumber, as well as chopped perilla and Japanese ginger, salad vegetables, and natto.
It's also fun to make hand-rolled sushi using out of the ordinary ingredients, such as fried chicken, flavored ground chicken or beef, etc.

The hand-rolled sushi shown in the video uses medium fatty tuna as its main ingredient.
Suimono (clear broth soups) and miso soup are two dishes that go great with hand-rolled sushi.
Another fun thing you can try is getting a bunch of different ingredients together and have a rolled sushi making party with friends!

Summary of Japan's Delicious Rolled-Sushi

image of hand-rolled sushi
Photo:Hand-rolled sushi

In this article we introduced a video that shows how to make tasty hand-rolled sushi.
Hand-rolled sushi is a popular dish that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, from standard ingredients like sashimi and fried egg to slightly more unusual main ingredients.

If you want to enjoy Japanese food unique to Japan, we recommend getting some ingredients you enjoy and making your own hand-rolled sushi to enjoy!

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Last Updated : Jul. 24, 2022
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Enjoy Japanese Sushi Culture by Making Hand-Rolled Sushi! A Look at Popular Ingredients and Varieties of Hand Rolled Sushi and How To Make It Yourself!
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