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This video, titled "[Menya Gokkei] Chicken Daku! Super Thick, Viscous White Chicken Broth! A New Texture I've Never Had Before! [Kyoto] [ASMR/ramen/noodles] Noodle Channel Episode #110" (【麺屋 極鶏】鶏だく!超濃厚肉濁鶏白湯!今までに食べたことのない新食感です!! 【京都】【ASMR/ramen/noodles】 麺チャンネル 第110回), was released by "Noodle Channel" (麺チャンネル).

This video introduces Menya Gokkei, a ramen shop famous for its rich flavor and unique texture.
Menya Gokkei is famous for its viscous soup, and since so many people visit every day, it's not unusual that you have to wait in line.
The other ingredients are carefully chosen so that the soup is just the right thickness, and the chashu and menma (bamboo shoots) are extremely thick.

In this video, you can see a video of a visit to Menya Gokkei and try their popular "chicken daku."

The Thick Soup at Menya Gokkei in Kyoto Is Just Too Good! This Unique Soup Is Something You Won't Find Anywhere Else!
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