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A Look at Ichiran, a Popular Fukuoka Ramen Restaurant

This video, titled "Japanese Food - ICHIRAN Best Ramen in the World! Fukuoka Japan," was released by "Travel Thirsty."
It introduces the popular Fukuoka ramen restaurant, "Ichiran."

Ichiran was first established in 1960 as a food stall under the name "Futaba Ramen."
It later moved to Ogori, Fukuoka and changed its name to Ichiran and became a popular chain restaurant.

A Look at the Unique Ordering System at Ichiran

As seen at 0:26 in the video, at Ichiran, rather than a server taking your order you order from a ticket vending machine.
Ichiran's ramen is reasonably priced, starting at ¥890 for a bowl.

After receiving their original tea, you can write down your personal preferences on the order form, including things like flavor intensity, richness, and noodle consistency, and you can even add toppings, such as garlic, green onions, and chashu pork (char siu).
The order form is also available in English, Chinese, and Korean, so even if you don't speak Japanese you can feel comfortable ordering.
You can see the ordering process at 1:01 in the video.

What Makes Ichiran Unique?

Ichiran is known as the originator of ramen noodles with a red chili-based sauce floating in the middle of the ramen.
At 2:24 in the video you can see their patented "Flavor Concentration System," where each seat has its own private space.
They also offer an ordering system and a refill system to cater to customers' preferences, and use spring water for noodles to make ramen with zero trans-fatty acids and natural collagen.

In recent years, a "100% Tonkotsu Free Ramen" has been developed and has attracted considerable attention.

Where To Eat the Delicious Ichiran Ramen Featured in the Video

Ichiran has many restaurants in Fukuoka City, including its flagship restaurant and its first restaurant in Nanokawa, as well as many more restaurants in places like Sendai, Sapporo, Osaka, and areas near train stations in Shinjuku.
As of June 2020, Ichiran has 84 locations worldwide.
Overseas, the company has opened stores in New York, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
You can also buy instant Ichiran Ramen online.

The Dazaifu Sando branch's "Success Ramen" (合格ラーメン, Gokaku Ramen) and the Tenjin and Nishijin branches' Go-Tetsu Men are menu items you'll only find in Fukuoka.
Also, look out for the "ICHIRAN Select 5" offered at Ichiran's Ginza branch.
At Ichiran no Mori, a ramen development factory located in Itoshima, Fukuoka, you can tour the factory and purchase ramen for souvenirs!

Summary of the Popular Fukuoka Ramen Restaurant, Ichiran

Ichiran, a ramen restaurant from Fukuoka, is popular for its unique style of tonkotsu ramen with a secret red sauce on top.
If after watching the video you're itching for a delicious bowl of ramen, be sure to check if there are any Ichiran locations near you.
If not, you can always book a trip to Japan!

【Official Website】Ichiran

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Ichiran Ramen - This Popular Fukuoka Tonkotsu Ramen Restaurant Is One of the Hottest Noodle Spots in Japan! A Look at Their Unique System, How To Order, and Different Dishes on the Menu!
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