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This video, titled "Sendagaya [Hopeken] Guest: Karin Ito (Nogizaka 46) Founded in 1960! the Original Tokyo Back Fat and Tonkotsu Ramen Shop [Ramen Walker TV Episode #200]" (千駄ヶ谷「ホープ軒」ゲスト:伊藤かりん(乃木坂46)1960年に創業!元祖・東京背脂豚骨ラーメンの名店【ラーメンWalkerTV #200】), was released by "ramenwalker."
This video introduces Hopeiken, the original back fat and pork bone ramen restaurant.
This ramen shop has been in business for 30 years and is the pioneer of the popular back-fat tonkotsu ramen.
In addition to being a ramen shop that uses back fat, the shop is also open 24 hours a day, which is unusual for a ramen shop.
Even in these days when it is difficult to open a shop, they are still open 24 hours a day!

In this video, you can see the ramen at Hopeken, so if you're interested in ramen, check it out!

Hopeken, the Original Back-Fat Tonkotsu Ramen! What's the Secret to the Popularity of This 24-Hour Ramen Shop That Has Been Visited by So Many Celebrities?
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