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This video, titled "Ganso Nagahamaya|2-5-25 Nagahama, Chuo City, Fukuoka City|Ramen|Extra Noodles" (元祖長浜屋 福岡市中央区長浜2-5-25 ラーメン(カタ)替玉(ナマ)), was released by "Nationwide Ramen Videos" (全国ラーメン動画).

This video introduces Ganso Nagahamaya, the original Nagahama Ramen.
Even in Fukuoka, where many ramen shops are located, Ganso Nagahamaya (a.k.a. Gan'Naga) is a ramen shop with a deep connection to Fukuoka's history.
When you order, you can choose the thickness of the noodles and the amount of oil you want, so you can personalize your very own Nagahama ramen dish.

The video shows what the ramen at Ganso Nagahamaya is like, so be sure to check it out!

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