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This video, titled "[GENEI . WAGAN (Hiroo, Tokyo)] Now Offering Its Finest Creation- Neo Tonkotsu Ramen!

"GENEI . WAGAN," a ramen shop in Hiroo, Tokyo, now offers an innovative new type of ramen called Neo Tonkotsu Ramen.
GENEI . WAGAN is the only ramen restaurant in Japan that serves ramen kaiseki, and is open only in the evening by reservation.
GENEI . WAGAN released a limited edition Neo Tonkotsu Ramen as part of their lunchtime menu, and it attracted a lot of attention from ramen fans.
The specialty ramen, which is based on tonkotsu (pork bone) and carefully prepared with unique oil and spices, has become a favorite among ramen fans.

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Sep. 15, 2020
有田 和義(Kazuyoshi Arita)
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