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This video, titled "Haijima's "HAIDEN KOKKO FACTORY Ramen RIRIY" Is a Famous Ramen Shop Where You Can Enjoy It to the Very End! Ramen King Takeshi Yamamoto, Great Ramen King" (拝島「ハイデン.コッコFACTORY らーめん 凛々」ラーメンなのに、最後にはアレが楽しめちゃう魅惑の名店!ラーメン王・山本剛志さん、ラーメン大王・小), was released by "ramenwalker."
This video introduces HAIDEN KOKKO FACTORY Ramen RIRIY.
The soup is made from a lavish broth with a seafood taste, made from Hinai-Jidori chicken from Akita Prefecture, soy sauce, and chicken fat.
It's worth mentioning that there's a "soup-wari" event, where you can enjoy 10 different types of soup that change daily.

In this video, you can see a detailed explanation of HAIDEN KOKKO FACTORY Ramen RIRIY, so if you're interested, be sure to check it out.

The Famous, Impactful HAIDEN KOKKO FACTORY Ramen RIRIY. What's This Ramen Restaurant All About?
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