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This video, titled "Hiashi-Ginza [Ginza Hachigo] a French Chef's Ramen|A Bowl That Defies What You Know About Ramen! [Ramen Walker TV Episode #221]" (東銀座『銀座 八五』フレンチの巨匠が生んだ ラーメンの概念を覆す一杯!【ラーメンWalkerTV #221】), was released by "ramenwalker."

This video introduces the ramen shop "Ginza Hachigo," located in Ginza.
The restaurant's wouldn't have you believe you're at a ramen shop, but rather at a high-end sushi restaurant, making it a truly new ramen experience.
This ramen was created by a famous French chef who was once known as a "modern master craftsman" in Kyoto prefecture, and was perfected using only soup.
In addition, the pepper caviar sprinkled on top gives it the perfect aroma, creating a ramen that is both somehow ramen and not ramen.

This video introduces Ginza Hachigo in detail, so check it out!

Ginza Hachigo, a Ramen Shop That Touched Down in Ginza Like a Meteor! How the French Master Makes His Ramen!
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