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This video, titled "Higashi-Koganei [Kujira Shokudo Nonowa Higashi Koganei] Recommended for a Drink and Some Ramen! Abura Soba With Lots of Toppings to Choose From [Ramen Walker TV Episode #222]" (東小金井『くじら食堂 nonowa東小金井店』ラ飲みにもオススメ!ツマミにもなる具だくさん油そば【ラーメンWalkerTV #222】), was released by "ramenwalker."

This video introduces Kujira Shokudo nonowa's Higashi Koganei branch, which is very famous among those looking for a snack after some drinks.
The most distinctive feature of their ramen is their soft, hand-made noodles, which is one of the reasons why their Aburasoba (oil soba) is so popular.
While the noodles are of course amazing, there's also a mountain of toppings to choose from, and it's become a renowned ramen shop where you can enjoy drinks as well.

This video shows you what the ramen is like, so be sure to check it out!

Not Only Do They Serve Ramen, They Also Serve Snacks at
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