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This video, titled "Becoming a Ramen Shop in Japan" (日本でラーメン屋さんになるということ), was released by "Life Where I'm From."

In this video, you'll learn what it's like to run a ramen shop in Japan.
Depending on the shop, ramen restaurants have almost no free time, as it takes up a lot of time outside of business hours to stock up and prepare the food.
The work that goes into making delicious bowls of ramen for customers is not just because it's their job, but because the ramen shop owner wants to make his customers happy. In other words, it's a passion.

In this video, the owner of a ramen shop who left his job at a ramen shop to start his own business talks about his passion for ramen.

A Rare Look Behind the Scenes of a Ramen Resurant! A Lot of Passion Goes Into the Perfect Bowl of Noodles Made by Mengokoro Kunimoto...
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