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This video, titled "#136 'Ramen Oyamaya Main Shop' The Famous Iekei Ramen With Beaten Eggs! [Ramen Walker tv2]" (#136「ラーメン大山家 本店」家系+とき卵のコダワリ名物ラーメン!【ラーメンWalkerTV2】), was released by "ramenwalker."

One genre of ramen that is particularly popular in Japan is called "Iekei" ramen.
Iekei ramen is a pork and soy sauce based ramen that originated in Yokohama and is characterized by its use of thick, straight noodles.
Many Iekei ramen shops, which originated from Yoshimuraya, have the kanji character for "house" (家, Ie) in their names. Iekei ramen can be seasoned with ginger and garlic to keep you coming back for more.

Oyamaya, introduced in the video, is a popular ramen shop located in Musashi-Sakai, Tokyo.
The excellent ramen is accompanied by a beaten egg and Andean highland pork chashu, which is simply amazing and just melts in your mouth, making it a very satisfying dish.

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