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This video, titled "[Ooiwatei] Trying Ramen So Thick It Stand on Its Own [Food Porn|Aichi Ramen] Susuru TV. Episode 621" (【大岩亭】レンゲが立つほど濃厚過ぎるラーメンをすする【飯テロ 愛知ラーメン】SUSURU TV.第621回), was released by "SUSURU TV."

This video introduces Ooiwatei, the ramen shop that serves the thickest ramen in Japan.
Ooiwatei is characterized by a soup so thick that the sprouts stand upright, and many people feel that they are eating the soup rather than drinking it.
The pork and chicken in the soup is rich in collagen, and it also contains a lot of soy sauce and niboshi (dried sardines) to create a unique viscous soup.

In this video, you can see a sample of the rich ramen at Ooiwatei, so if you're interested, please check it out.

Oiwatei, the ramen restaurant that is said to be the thickest in Japan! What's the secret to the soup so thick that the sprouts stand upright!
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