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This video, titled "How to Make Simple Chinese Soba at Home." (家で簡単にできる【中華そば】の作り方。), was released by "Ramen ROTAS" (ラーメンろたす).

This ramen can be made with ingredients that are easily available at supermarkets and you don't need special tools.
It only takes about an hour to make it.
The video explains how to make the soup, chashu sauce (ramen sauce), seasoning oil, and chashu pork, from start to finish, in an easy-to-understand manner.
Watch the video to learn how to make old-fashioned ramen at home!

A Ramen Shop Owner Teaches You How to Make Old-Fashioned Chinese Noodles Easily at Home! Simple Tasting but Super Authentic Ramen Noodles to Leave You Full and Satisfied!
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