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This video, titled "Onomichi Ramen Betcha (World-Renowned for Its Excellence)" (尾道らーめん ベッチャー【世界が認めた絶品の尾道ラーメン】), was released by "Jordan Travel VLOG" (ジョルダンの旅VLOG).

This video introduces Onomichi Ramen Betcha, which has been awarded the Monde Selection gold medal for three consecutive years and is famous as a world-renowned ramen.
The combination of chicken broth based soup with small fish flakes from the Seto Inland Sea and curly noodles that go just right with it, create a popular bowl of noodles.
It's prayed for at Ichinomiya Shrine, which hosts the Betcha Festival, so you can expect to be cleansed of bad luck as well!

This video introduces Onomichi Ramen Betcha in detail, so be sure to check it out.

Onomichi Ramen Betcha - A World-Renowned Winner of the Monde Selection Gold Medal Three Years in a Row!
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