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This video, titled "Iida Shoten" (飯田商店), was released by "行列覚悟のラーメン店Ramen shops worth the wait."

This video introduces the popular ramen shop "Iida Shoten," (Shouten) which is so popular that you need a numbered ticket to get in.
Many of the ramen shops today have a strong visual impact, but this one doesn't have any. It's a shop that focuses on simplicity.
The taste of the soup and the roasted pork chashu, with a flavor you won't find in other ramen restaurants, is enough to keep customers coming back.

In this video, you can see how to get to Iida Shoten and what the ramen looks like. Be sure to check it out!

The Secret to Having So Many Repeat Customer Is That They Don't Decorate Their Ramen With Any More Than Is Necessary. Try Some Delicious, Old Fashioned Ramen!
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