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This video, titled "[An Extremely Popular Restaurant in Hachioji] Tantan, the Pinnacle of Hachioji Ramen" (【八王子の超人気店】タンタン 八王子ラーメンの最高峰タンタン), was released by "Ramen Daisuki KOBAcchi" (ラーメン大好きKOBAっち).
This video introduces one of the most popular ramen shops in Hachioji, "Tantan."

Tantan is the No. 1 most popular ramen in Hachioji, known as the "ramen topped with finely chopped onions," for which Hachioji is famous.
A special feature of Hachioji's Tantan ramen is its chashu pork, which is easy to eat and soaks up the broth, giving it even more flavor.

In this video, you can see a sample of one of Tantan's most popular ramen dishes, the extra-large chashu pork noodles!

The Most Popular Ramen Shop in Hachioji,
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