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The Popular Japanese Cuisine, Tonkatsu!

This video, titled "Japanese Food - FRIED PORK CUTLET Tonkatsu Tokyo Japan," was released by "Travel Thirsty."
It introduces the popular Japanese dish, tonkatsu.

Tonkatsu is one of the most popular gourmet dishes in Japanese cuisine.
Fujiki Ningyocho, a tonkatsu restaurant in downtown Ningyocho, Tokyo, is a famous restaurant with a long history where you can enjoy traditional tonkatsu.
If you want to enjoy the best in Japanese cuisine, Fujiki Ningyocho is a must-visit tonkatsu restaurant, and has become one of the most popular gourmet spots in Tokyo.

How the Popular Japanese Dish, Tonkatsu, Is Made!

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A popular menu item at Fujiki Ningyocho is the standard roast pork cutlet set meal.
Fujiki Ningyocho's tonkatsu is characterized by the use of thick slices of pork loin, which can be seen at 0:21 in the video.
The pork is sliced into stringy strips with a knife, dipped in flour, beaten eggs, and sprinkled with bread crumbs, and then fried in oil to give it a crispy outer layer.
A good tonkatsu is usually served with a generous helping of shredded cabbage.
There are many Japanese restaurants in the country that serve delicious tonkatsu, so be sure to try out a bunch to find which one you like best!

Popular Menu Items at Fujiki Ningyocho

Three types of brand-name pork are used at Fujiki Ningyocho: Mizuho Imo pork from Ibaraki Prefecture, Aino natural pork from Mie Prefecture, and Iwachu pork from Iwate Prefecture.
The pork is carefully selected for gourmet customers and expertly prepared by professional chefs to make the pork tender and juicy.

Fujiki's signature large bone-in tonkatsu, seen at 9:24 in the video, is a gourmet specialty, and the melt-in-your-mouth meat just falls right off the bone.
Other popular dishes include pork cutlets and pork sauté prepared with carefully selected ingredients.

Summary of the Exquisite Tonkatsu a Fujiki Ningyocho

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In addition to Fujiki Ningyocho featured in the video, there are many more delicious tonkatsu restaurants in Tokyo that have been around since the city's establishment.
If you want to experience the Japanese food culture that has become a large part of Japanese culture, stop by Fujiki Ningyocho, a famous tonkatsu restaurant in Tokyo, for lunch!

◆Fujiki Ningyocho|Store Information◆
【Address】1 Chome-5-14 Nihonbashiningyocho, Chuo City, Tokyo 103-0013
【Access】A 3-minute walk from Ningyocho Station off the Asakusa Subway Line and Hibiya Line
【Hours】[Lunch] 11:30 - 15:30, [Dinner] Mon. – Fri. 17:00 - 22:00, Sat. Sun. Holidays 17:00 - 21:30

【Yelp】Fujiki Ningyocho (富士喜 人形町)

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Tonkatsu - A Popular Japanese Dish That Rakes in Customers! A Look at the Crispy, Juicy Dishes of Fujiki Ningyocho in Chuo, Tokyo!
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