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This video, titled "鴨ねぎ-Duck and green onion-Japanese food【江戸長火鉢 73杯目】," was released by "てこ蔵・TEKOZO."

This is a series of movies where you make snacks with charcoal from a naga hibachi and eat them with alcohol.
This time, they make leeks, roast meat, and drink it with sake.
A naga hibachi is a traditional wooden heating device with drawers, etc., and it has a copper furnace where the charcoal is placed.
It became popular among the common people in the Edo period, and nowadays it is sold as antique furniture.

The hibachi shown in the video is a Kanto hibachi with a table-like fireside board on the right side.
You can warm up sake on a hibachi and grill duck and green onions on an iron pan and eat it with sake!
Check out the video to see how awesome this meal looks!

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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Using a Naga Hibachi, Which Was Popular Among the Common People in the Edo Period, You Can Drink Sake While Cooking! Enjoy some warmed sake and leeks!
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