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This video, titled "【ASMR】牧草牛ヒレ肉を捌いてステーキの焼き方を紹介します Grass fed beef -Tender Loin-," was released by Nikuhack.

Cattle raised only on grass are called "grass-fed."
Grass-fed beef does not get marbled and has a redder color.
The best grass-fed beef fillets are recommended to be grilled vigorously and eaten as steak.

The video shows in detail how the butchers neatly cut and grill the grass-fed beef fillet.
High-quality beef can be cooked on the surface and then lightly cooked with the remaining heat to bring the flavor.
Beef cooked like this just melts in your mouth!

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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Learn How to Successfully Grill a High Quality Grass-Fed Beef Fillet in This Video!
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