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This video, titled "[Chashu] How to Make the Chashu Pork of a Popular Ramen Restaurant! [Barbeque Pork] [Ramen] [Boiled Pork] [Stockpot], [Petitlucky] Vol. 3. #StayHome #WithMe #TogetherAtHome" (チャーシュー】人気ラーメン店のチャーシューの作り方教えちゃいます【焼豚】【ラーメン】【煮豚】【寸胴】【プチラッキー】Vol.3 #StayHome #WithMe #家で一緒にやってみよう), was released by "COCOCOROチャンネル."

One of the most essential ingredients in Japanese ramen is the chashu.
Ramen from famous restaurants are served with only the finest chashu, which will have you grinning as you eat it.

In this video, the chef at PetitLucky shares his recipe for making delicious chashu that you'd find at a restaurant, at home.
It may take a little bit of work, but you'll be able to make your own delicious ramen in no time!
If you want to make amazing Japanese ramen in your own home, take a look at this recipe for chashu!

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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Recreating the Melt-in-Your-Mouth Chashu From a Popular Ramen Restaurant at Home? If You Want to Eat Delicious Ramen Noodles at Home, You Need to Know This Chashu Recipe!
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