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Introducing the Top Goals of 2019; As Chosen by Fans!

This video "Top Goals of 2019; As Chosen by Fans!" was created by the editorial department and contains a compilation of the top ten goals of 2019, according to fans.

The "Top Goals of 2019 Ranking" was voted for by soccer fans via online questionnaire on Youtube. In this article, it's our pleasure to introduce to you, that video!

Check Out the J League's Top Ten Goals of 2019!

Ranking number 10 of the top ten goals of 2019 is the over-head kick by Leandro Damian of Kawasaki Frontale!
At number 9, from 0:29 in the video, you can see Yuta Koike of the Kashima Antlers. Coming in 8th, 7th and 6th place are Koji Miyoshi, Erik Lima and Keita Endo of the Yokohama F. Marinos.

Number 5 is the goal scored in extra time by Miki Yamane of the Shonan Bellmare.
From 2:59 in the video, you can see the number 4 goal by Douglas, of the Shimizu S-Pulse. and at 3rd place the shot from David Villa of the Vissel Kobe.

Coming in at number 2 is the shot from Junya Tanaka of the Vissel Kobe after a nice pass from teammate Andrés Iniesta.
Finally, in 1st place is the beautiful goal from Teruhito Nakagawa of Yokohama F. Marinos as he rips past the defense. You can check this goal out at 4:57 in the video.

The History of J League and the Soccer Players Featured in This Video

Image of soccer stadium
Photo:Soccer stadium

J League is the name of Japan's professional soccer league.
It is sponsored by the Japan Football Association (JFA), and the Japan Professional Football League.
J League began in 1993 with only 10 clubs, but has grown to include 56 clubs split into 3 separate leagues: the J1 League, the J2 League and the J3 League.
The top players in the J League are chosen to represent Japan in the World Cup and other important soccer competitions around the world.

Players chosen in the past to represent Japan include Kazuyoshi Miura, Keisuki Honda, Hideotoshi Nakata , and Masashi Nakayama. They attracted many fans with their amazing performances.
J League fans can check dates of upcoming matches, club ranks, and transfer information online and support their favorite team.
Recently, you can purchase J League and Gundam collaboration goods, which are proving to be quite popular overseas as well as in Japan.

J League Top Goals of 2019 Compilation Summary

The J League 2020 season has unfortunately been postponed. However, many fans look forward to cheering on their favorite teams again whether it be on TV or at the stadium once this year's season commences.
We look forward to watching many of the amazing shots to come!

If you found yourself fascinated by the goals in this video, we highly recommend checking the upcoming game schedule, purchasing tickets and going to watch a game live!

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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