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An Interview With Aska Cambridge

"Aska Cambridge_ Sports Information(ケンブリッジ飛鳥さん_Sports Information(世田谷区スポーツのしおり))" created by the “Setagaya Sports Promotion Foundation,” is an interview video with Aska Cambridge- a Japanese track and field sprinter.

You can watch how the top athletes, who have competed in and shown good results at international and national tournaments, feel about track and field.
This article introduces silver medalist Aska Cambridge. Be sure to follow along with the video!

Who is Aska Cambridge?

Aska Cambridge is a track and field sprinter affiliated with the Nike track and field club.
In 2016, he ran 4 × 100 metres relay and won a silver medal at the 2016 Olympic Game in Rio de Janeiro. Since then, he has become one of the top athletes in Japan.

His full name is Aska Antonio Cambridge.
He is 180 cm (5'11") tall and weighs 76 kg. His nationality is Japanese.
He has a Jamaican father and Japanese mother. He was born in Jamaica and came to Osaka when he was two years old.
He played soccer when he was an elementary school student but switched to track and field at the recommendation of his club supervisor.
He went to Tokyo High School and holds the record for the 100m in 10 seconds.
He entered the Department of Physical Education, College of Humanities and Sciences at Nihon University.
He was injured during the Kanto intercollegiate competition in 2014, but he still managed good results and won the championship many times.

Image of a track field
Photo:Track field

At the Rio Olympics, he ran the 4 × 100 metres relay as an anchor for Japan with “Ryota Yamagata, Shota Iizuka and Yoshihide Kiryu” and won a silver medal.
He made a new record in Asia and left good results.
At London World Championships 2017, he also ran in 4 x 100 relay finals.
His personal best is 10.08 for 100 meters and 20.62 for 200 meters.

If you noticed, he is also quite handsome, making him popular with women like Sani Brown, another track and field sprinter.
He currently appears in TV commercials for "UHA Gummy Supplements."

The Interview With Aska Cambridge

Be sure to watch his interview in the video.
In it, he discusses his decision to go professional. You can see this at 2:38 in the video.
He decided to go pro after competing with world class athletes at the 2016 Rio Olympics.
He also talks about his commitment as a professional from 3:46.
He says that he eats healthy, stays well-rested, enjoys healthy lifestyle habits and relaxes regularly.

He also explains his transition from soccer player to track and field athlete, why he continues track and field, and the happiest and hardest things about competing, as well as his overall attraction to sports and his goals.


The video “Aska Cambridge_ Sports Information” created by “Setagaya Sports Promotion Foundation,” is an interview video with 2016 Rio Olympic silver medalist Aska Cambridge.

We recommend this video to people who like sports and want to hear more about Japan's top athletes, their goals, thoughts, and dedication to their sport.
If you want to know more about Aska Cambridge, be sure to check out the video!

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Sep. 15, 2020
鈴木 正孝(Masataka Suzuki)
Revealing the Secret of Strength of Track and Field Sprinter Aska Cambridge! A Video With the Olympic Silver Medalist Reveals His Dedication and Goals
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