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This video, titled "New! 2018 Golden Kiwi 46" [Longboard]" (New! 2018 Golden Kiwi 46" [ロンスケ ロングボード ]), was released by "Pinky Parl."
In the video, you can see the introduction of the new 2018 model of the "Golden Kiwi" by DWELL.

Longboards are popular because they are longer and more stable than regular skateboards and allow you to cruise through the streets smoothly.
This 2018 model is lighter in weight and makes longboard dancing feel great.
The graphics on the grip tape have a variety of designs in addition to the cloud pattern, including a Japanese style pattern, so if you're curious, check out the video and their website to see what it's like!

Have you heard about the long skateboards that are all over the place? Step on the board and try your hand at a fun sport!
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