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Takoyaki, Sweets, High-Speed Rice Cake Making... Check Out the Amazing Artisanship in the Video!

This video is a collection of artisanship from a variety of restaurants.
Watching such skilled chefs creating amazing cuisine is something you never get tired of.
You can watch the different shops using the timestamps below.

Tsukiji - Gindaco: 0:08
Kyoto - Kyogoku Kaneyo: 3:50
Nara - Nakatanidou: 6:52
Osaka - Rikuro: 8:34
Kyoto - Tsurumusha: 11:22
Kyoto - Caffè Latte: 14:28
Kyoto - Gomaya Crepe-Do17:45

Unfortunately, Gomaya Crepe-do closed in 2019, but if you're in the Kansai region, be sure to stop by their shop there as well.

【Official Homepage】Tsukiji Gindaco Official Site

【Official Homepage】The Finest Eel in Japan, Kyogoku Kaneyo

【Official Homepage】Nakatanidou

【Official Homepage】Osaka Confectioneries "Freshly Baked Cheesecakes," Rikuro Ojisan

【Official Homepage】Ramen Tsurumusha

【Official Homepage】Caffè Latte

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Takoyaki, Sweets, High-Speed Mochi Making... A Visual and Auditory Feast for the Eyes and Ears! Enjoy the Cooking Process of Japan's World-Class Cuisine!
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