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This video, titled "[Domestic Helicopter OH-1 Ninja] Japan Ground Self-Defense Force|Akeno Garrison Air Festival 2014" (「国産ヘリコプター OH-1 ニンジャ」陸上自衛隊 明野駐屯地航空祭2014), was released by "jbanban."
This video shows the aviation festival held at the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Akeno Garrison.

The OH-1 Ninja helicopter shown in the video was built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries.
The role of observation helicopters is to support tactics by scouting invading landed targets from low altitude.
The OH-1 Ninja is equipped with an attitude control system, as it needs to be stationary while observing.
OH-1 Ninjas also made headlines when they appeared in that popular movie "Shin Godzilla" to attack Godzilla in his third form.

Enjoy the Spectacular Flight of the First Domestically Produced Helicopter of the JSDF! The Somersaults and Sharp Turns Shown at the Akeno Garrison Air Festival Are Spectacular!
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