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This video, titled "Over 3 Million Views! Blue Impulse 5 Is off the Ground!" (再生回数300万回越え!!ブルーインパルス5番機のすご過ぎる離陸!), was released by "kumao0526."

This is a video of the moment Blue Impulse's fifth plane takes off.
Blue Impulse is made up of planes 1 to 6, and the 5th one leads the formation as the 2nd Wing Commander, and also takes part in the "solo mission" which is performed by a single plane.

In this video, you can see the amazing acrobatics of the number 5 as it takes off, flies low through the smoke of the other planes, and then climbs in one fluid motion, performing a 360-degree roll.
In addition to the performance in the air, be sure to watch the intricate takeoff that shows the pilots skill.

Blue Impulse, a Team of Acrobats From the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, Show Us an Amazing Takeoff of the #5 Aircraft. From a Low, Smoke-Filled Flight to the Sky in One Fell Swoop!
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