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The Type 10 Tank Rampaging at Nerima Garrison

This video is titled "Type 10 Tank Rampage! Nerima Garrison Memorial Event Type10 MBT"(10式戦車大暴れ! 練馬駐屯地記念行事 Type10 MBT). It was taken by "kinokopack," at the exhibition for the Type 10 tank at the Nerima Garrison Memorial Event held at Nerima Garrison.

The Type 10 tank is a Japanese main battle tank that was manufactured at a development cost of 48.4 billion yen (~$455m USD).
You can see the powerful, dexterous movement of the tank in the video. If you like tanks or other war machines then you don't want to miss out on this video.
In this article, we'll introduce the Type 10 tank that appeared at the Nerima Garrison event. Be sure to follow along with the video!

Japan's Type 10 Tank: Features and Capability

The Type 10 tank is a fourth-generation domestic tank, the successor to the Ground Self Defense Force Type 90.
The Ministry of Defense's Technology & Research Division is in charge of its development, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is responsible for its production.
The Type 10 tank has incredibly high firepower, defenses, and mobility, and is an overall well-rounded tank. The main gun is a domestic .44 caliber 120 mm smooth-bore cannon.
The shells are a new domestic armor-piercing round characterized by their high penetration. In the video, you can see footage of the Type 10 tank rampaging at the Nerima garrison.
From 3:50 in the video, you can also see how it was made at the venue and its hill-climbing ability.

The Type 10 tank is also equipped with an air conditioner for cooling the electronic equipment, but not the passengers.
As tanks generally run with the windows open, it doesn't make much sense to equip an air conditioner for passengers, and it seems that cooling suits are often used when it's hot.

The fuel consumption of the Type 10 tank is not disclosed as they are military secrets.
The purchase price is 950 million yen per tank, and seeing as they are weapons, cannot be purchased by civilians.
You can make high quality plastic models of Type 10 tanks, radio-controlled models and model cars as well. Why not give them a try?

What Is Nerima Garrison?

Image of Ground Self-Defense Force
Photo:Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force

The Nerima Garrison is a garrison used by the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force where the 1st Division Headquarters and other units are stationed. It is located in Nerima Ward, Tokyo.
Because it is close to the city center, politicians and defense ministers often visit for inspection.
In addition to the "1st Division Command," the "1st Division General Regiment," "1st Logistic Support Regiment," "1st Inspection Team," "1st Music Team," etc. are also stationed here.

The anniversary celebration is held in April and the summer evening festival is held in July.
There is also a military parade where you can see the tanks up close.
In addition, during the commemorative events of Nerima Garrison, there is a display of equipment and a test-ride corner, so you can experience a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Summary of Nerima Garrisons Type 10 Tanks

The video "Type 10 Tank Rampage! Nerima Garrison Memorial Event Type10 MBT" introduces the exhibition activities of the Type 10 tank at the events held at Nerima Garrison.

The Type 10 tank is the newest Ground Self-Defense Force tank and has excellent mobility.
In this video, you can feel the power and mobility of the Type 10 tank. Be sure to check it out!

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