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This video, titled "[HD] C-1 ド派手な記念塗装機 新田原基地航空祭 2018 / JASDF Nyutabaru Air Festa 2018 - C-1 Demo Flight," was released by "j-sky on YouTube."

The C-1 transport aircraft is the first domestically produced post-war military transport aircraft deployed by the JASDF.
Japan's defeat in the war sealed off the technology for developing aviation, but the ban was finally lifted in the 1970's and the first jet-powered transport aircraft made its debut.

The C-1 features a loading system that allows the vehicle to be loaded quickly and, with metal rods on the floor, it can transport up to 36 patients at a time.
The aircraft has been dispatched to many disasters and is a reassuring tool in the event of a recent spate of disasters and epidemics.
Check out the awesome kabuki paint job in the video!

Flashy Memorial Pained Jets Take to the Skies at the Nyutabaru Air Base Air Festival! The Flashy, Kabuki-Printed Color Scheme Is a Crowd-Pleaser!
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