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Introducing the Yanaizu Naked Man Festival of Enzoji Temple in Fukushima, Japan

This video, titled "Yanaizu Naked Man Festival (Nanokado Hadaka Mairi) - Fukushima - 七日堂裸参り" It introduces the Yanaizu Naked Man Festival held at Enzoji Temple in the Yanaizu region of Fukushima, Japan.

Every year on January 7, a large number of visitors participate in the Yanaizu Naked Man Festival in Yanaizu, held at Enzoji Temple to pray for happiness and good health in the new year.
Check out the video to experience the excitement of Fukushima Prefecture's historic Naked Man Festival.

A Powerful and Unique Festival! The Yanaizu Naked Man Festival of Enzoji Temple!

Image of Enzoji Temple, Yanaizu, Fukushima
Photo:Enzoji Temple, Yanaizu, Fukushima

The Yanaizu Naked Man Festival takes place at Enzoji Temple, located in the town of Yanaizu, in the Aizu region of Fukushima Prefecture.
The principal deity of Enzo-ji Temple is Fukuman Kokuzoson, one of the three great bodhisattva in Japanese Buddhism.
The temple's history dates back to 807 A.D.

It's said that the reason why the the Yanaizu Naked Man Festival was held at the historic Enzoji Temple is due to a legend.
In the Aizu region in the past, there was an epidemic that caused many deaths.
At that time, one of the elders had a dream in which he received a prophecy that if he offered the jewel of the Dragon God to the Bodhisattva, the plague would disappear.
The elder asked Princess Yayoi, who was considered the most beautiful woman in the Aizu region, to obtain the Dragon God's jewel.
Princess Yayoi managed to obtain the jewel and presented it to the Bodhisattva, and in the blink of an eye, the disease disappeared.

However, the dragon god living in the Tadami River came to steal the jewel back.
It is said that on January 7, the day the Dragon God is said to be the quietest throughout the year, worshippers are invited to climb up a hemp rope over the temple gong, and protect the jewel from the Dragon God.

Pray for Good Health and Happiness in the Year Ahead With the Yanaizu Naked Man Festival

It is now a traditional event held every year on January 7 and attracts approximately 300 visitors from all over the country.
In addition, the public is welcome to participate, and many people pray for good health and happiness in the coming year.
*Women are allowed to observe only.

The Yanaizu Naked Man Festival begins with the sounding of the large bell.
Men wearing loincloths run up the 113 stone steps to the main hall.
Then, just like the legend of the time, they climb up over the large gong.
This can be seen from 0:03 of the video.
You can hear the spectators cheering on the men climbing up the rope as well.

Folk Crafts of Yanaizu, Aizu

Image of akabeko cows, a folk craft of Yanaizu, Aizu
Photo:Akabeko cows, a folk craft of Yanaizu, Aizu

In addition to the Yanaizu Naked Man Festival, a traditional event of Fukushima shown in the video, the Aizu region is home to a number of popular folk crafts.
For instance, akabeko and nade ushi (撫牛, lit. "petting cows") are popular folk crafts in the Aizu region.
Both are said to bring good luck and fortune, and are becoming popular not only among residents of the prefecture but also across Japan and abroad.
A statue of a cow is also enshrined in the precincts of Enzoji Temple, which is well known as a cow that brings good luck.

Summary of the Yanaizu Naked Man Festival, a Traditional Event in Fukushima

The Yanaizu Naked Man Festival began with an old legend.
Every year on January 7, many people visit the shrine to pray for good health and happiness throughout the year.

The event is easily accessible from Koriyama and open to the public, so if interested in checking out a more unique festival, be sure not to miss out on the chance to experience it for yourself.

【Official Website】The Yanaizu Naked Man Festival - Yanaizu, Aizu, the birthplace of the

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The Yanaizu Naked Man Festival of Fukushima, Japan! Legends of Dragons and Half-Naked Men Praying for Good Health in the Middle of Winter!
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