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Introducing the Aizu Fireworks Display in Fukushima Prefecture

We would like to introduce to you this video [(4K) 2018 3rd Aizu Fireworks Display, Aizu Fireworks Contest, Ending Fireworks (Shot on Samsung NX1)] ([ 4K ] 2018年 会津花火 第3回会津全国煙火競演会 エンディング花火 - Aizu Fireworks Festival - (shot on Samsung NX1))which was shot in Aizu city, Fukuoka prefecture in the Tohoku region of Japan.

When you think of Japanese summer festivals, impressive fireworks displays often come to mind.
The gorgeous sight and tremendous sound of the fireworks can be enjoyed both up close or from a distance.
In this video, we bring you footage of the Aizu Hirano Fireworks Display. The mountain range in the background makes this a truly beautiful and unique fireworks display.
It is truly a work of art, and we hope you enjoy watching!

More About the Aizu Fireworks Display and the History of Fireworks Displays in Japan

Image of stall
Photo:Food Stalls

The origins of Japanese fireworks displays date all the way back to the Edo period (1603-1868AD) when Tokugawa Yoshimune was Shogun.
In Japan, when summer comes around, fireworks displays are held all over the country. Many people attend to enjoy the fireworks and also the food stands that are temporarily set up. However, the Aizu Fireworks Display, which has been held since 2016, is held in the beginning of winter making it rather unique.

The Aizu Fireworks Executive Committee has put a lot of effort into this huge event in order to promote the restoration of the Aizu area which suffered catastrophic damage during the Great East Japan Earthquake.

How Many Fireworks Are Launched During the Aizu Fireworks Display?

This popular fireworks display attracts roughly 100,000 spectators each year.
The program starts with opening fireworks, followed by message or themed fireworks, quick-fire fireworks launched in succession over a span of 400 meters, minna no hanabi fireworks, the Japanese Fireworks Art Association's fireworks, and then the ending fireworks.

Several events such as Hachigouwaremono, the Jiyuutama contest, and the Hachigousenrintama contest are also held by the top pyrotechnics in Japan.
Approximately 10,000 fireworks light Aizu's night sky during this single festival. The fireworks are provided by the top fireworks specialists in Japan, featuring fireworks such as Shakudama and Sousaku hanabi.

Aizu Fireworks Festival Introductory Video Summary

Image of fireworks viewers
Photo:Fireworks viewers

For those interested in Japanese fireworks displays, please check out the video of this exciting festival!
As you can see from the video, the fireworks display held in Aizu is one of the biggest and leading fireworks displays in the country.

Watching the fireworks from a special location, wearing yukata, visiting various food stands and stalls in the area is the typical and perfect way to enjoy this Japanese festival.
We also highly recommend taking part in a fireworks display tour!

◆Aizu Fireworks Display, Fukushima Prefecture◆
【Location】Fujimuro, Machikitamachi, Aizu Wakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture
【Access】A shuttle bus is available from Kyuukenritsubyouinatoch. There is a temporary free of charge car park as well (Aizuwakamatsu station (会津若松駅, aizuwakamatsueki) (traffic rules and restrictions apply)
【Fireworks display time】18:00~19:00
【Seat tickets (payment necessary)】Must book in advance (free of charge seats also available)

【Official Website】Aizu Fireworks Display【4th Aizu Fireworks Display 2019/11/2】

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The Aizu Fireworks Display in Aizu, Fukushima Is a Huge Event Held Each Year Filled With Hopes for the Recovery From the Great East Japan Earthquake. Approximately 10,000 Fireworks Light up the Night Sky in This Spectacular Event!
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