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Introducing Hokkaido’s "Hamanasu"!

This video, titled "Debut of the New Limited Express Sightseeing Train "Hamanasu": JR Hokkaido" (観光用にも使える新型特急車両「はまなす編成」がデビュー:JR北海道), was released by ""
It's a news video introducing JR Hokkaido's new limited express sightseeing train "Hamanasu."

From October 2020, the Hamanasu finally began its journey to Abashiri, Kushiro, Hakodate and Wakkanai as a regular limited express train.
The Hamanasu is expected to support many people as a new means of travel to Hokkaido.

What is the Hamanasu?

Image of the Hamanasu, Hokkaido
Photo:The Hamanasu, Hokkaido

The KiHa 261-5000 series of the Hamanasu is a multi-purpose diesel locomotive based on the KiHa 261 express locomotive.
This train features a cute pink coloring that evokes the image of the Japanese rose (Rosa rugosa, beach rose), called "Hamanasu" (ハマナス) in Japanese.
Two 5-car trains were produced and named "Hamanasu" and "Lavender."

Commemorating the 140th anniversary of Hokkaido's railroads, the Hamanasu began trial operations in July 2020, and made its commercial debut on Saturday, October 17, 2020, as the "140th Anniversary of Hokkaido's Railways" dedicated day-trip sightseeing train.
Starting October 24, the Hamanasu is scheduled to operate with the limited expresses "Okhotsk," "Taisetsu," "Ozora," "Hokuto," "Soya," and "Sarobetsu" operated regularly by JR Hokkaido.
The Hamanasu looks like a green car, but there are no plans to add a green car to the train for a while.

Enjoy a Wonderful Time Sightseeing on the Hamanasu

The interior of the Hamanasu is introduced at 0:22 in the video.
Car No. 1 is a free space called the "Hamanasu Lounge" and is a multi-purpose room.
Car No. 1 also has private rooms with sunken kotatsu-style tables and a counter selling local specialties, and is a great space to enjoy conversing with friends and family during your sightseeing trip.

Cars 2 to 5 are equipped with general seating, and each seat is equipped with an electrical outlet and an arm table, and there is also free WiFi available.
You can also use your computer or smartphone on the train, making it convenient for business purposes.

Summary of Hokkaido’s Newest Sightseeing Train, Hamanasu

Image of the Hamanasu, Hokkaido
Photo:The Hamanasu, Hokkaido

This article introduced the Hamanasu, a newly launched train that debuted in 2020.

The Hamanasu is planned to be very active in the future as a new means of transportation for travelers to Hokkaido.
If you're planning a trip to Hokkaido, we recommend taking the popular Hamanasu for an amazing journey!

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