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This video, titled "Tanaka Hisashige's Myriad Year Clock [Full & HD]" (田中久重の万年時計【Full & HD】), was released by "Kaoru GreenEmerald."
This video introduces Hisashige Tanaka's "myriad year clock."

Hisashige Tanaka was a Japanese engineer and inventor who lived from the late Edo period to the Meiji period, and later became one of the founders of Toshiba.
He has been called the Edison of Japan, Karakuri Giemon, and other names.
The myriad year clock shown in the video has seven functions: It features an armillary sphere, shows Japanese time, western time time, day of the week, months, moon phases, and zodiac signs, and is spring-operated.
It has an amazing design that, when completely wound once, continues to work for a year without needing to be rewound, and it is said that almost all of its parts were made by Hisashige Tanaka using simple tools.

Discover the Secrets of Japanese Horology With the Myriad Year Clock! The Inventor, Hisashige Tanaka, Is Know as the Edison of Japan!
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