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This video, titled "Trying the STAR ROAD special make with Akira Iida and Daijiro Inada |Full Throttle on the Winding Road and Nighttime Street Driving in the 30Z!" (飯田章 と 稲田大二郎 の STAR ROAD 特製 極上30Z で ワインディング全開走行 & 夜のストリート爆走), was released by "VIDEO OPTION."

Akira Iida, one of Japan's leading racers, and Daijiro Inada, a car tuning commentator, test drive the 30Z tuned by STAR ROAD and introduce the ride quality.
This is a fascinating video that allows you to enjoy the amazing techniques of the racers.
If you want a Japanese car, but don't know which one to buy, we recommend checking out this video!
Even if you're not planning to buy a car, check out the video to get a taste of what it's like to drive a Japanese car!
It's an action packed video that's well worth the watch!

A Professional Racing Driver Shows Us What Makes Japanese Cars So Special! Check Out the Speed of the Nissan 30Z!
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