This video, titled "Heavy snowfall, Snowplow Trains up and running! Aizu Railway Yunokami Onsen Station" (大雪でラッセル車稼働! 会津鉄道の湯野上温泉駅), was released by "YAMAnoHAMA."

This video shows a snowplow train performing snow removal operations at Yunokami Onsen Station on the Aizu Railway in May 2015.

Although the train service between Aizu Tajima and Aizu Kogen was suspended on that day, this snowplow train was working to remove the snow as quick as possible.

The snowplow trains are equipped with plows at the front of the car that sweep the snow to either side as the train moves along.
The snowplow trains are small, but they cut through the snow like a hot knife through butter.
These snowplows are invaluable in heavy snowfall areas.

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Jan. 26, 2021
有田 和義(Kazuyoshi Arita)
This Plow Won't Be Bested by the Snow! Aizu Railway's Yunokami Onsen Station in Heavy Snowfall
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