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PR Video for "ATAMI Sekaie"

This video, produced by “ARKADEAR,” is a PR video for the Japanese luxury resort hotel, “ATAMI Sekaie” where every room uses fresh hot spring water from the source.

"ATAMI Sekaie" is a popular hotel on review and travel comparison sites.
This video features detailed information about ocean view rooms and food for the luxury hotel located in Izusan, Atami.
Watch the video and enjoy the charm of Atami Onsen, one of the three oldest hot springs in Japan.

What is "ATAMI Sekaie"?

ATAMI Sekaie is only a 5-minute taxi ride from Atami Station, which is about 40 minutes from Tokyo, on the Tokaido Shinkansen.
You can use the transportation service provided by this hotel, if you book a room.  

The rooms overlook the Pacific Ocean and are equipped with a luxurious outdoor bath with a spectacular view of Japan's famous Atami hot spring.
You can see how luxurious the rooms are from 0:22. There are six types of rooms available: "Ocean View Superior," "Ocean View Premium TSUKI NO MICHI," "Ocean View Suite," "Ocean View Suite TSUKI NO MICHI," "Ocean View Penthouse KUMO NO NAMI," and "Ocean View Penthouse TSUKI NO MICHI."

There are no Japanese style rooms at ATAMI Sekaie. All rooms are western style.
You can see the Atami Sea Fireworks display from every room.

Dining at “ATAMI Sekaie”

One of best parts about staying at this hot spring hotel is the exquisite cuisine.
Guests have a choice of between two sublime Japanese restaurants located within the hotel.
At “Hito-SHIO,” one of the two restaurants located within the hotel, you can experience a new style of cuisine, a fusion of charcoal grilling and traditional Japanese flavors. You can see this restaurant in the footage from 1:13.  

In addition, the ocean view penthouse "TSUKI NO MICHI," has a private teppan (鉄板, iron griddle) counter where you can enjoy Japanese cuisine made from the finest seasonal ingredients in a lavishly decorated space.

You can see the food served in this room, with breakfast at 0:47 and dinner at 1:27 in the video.
Halal foods is also available for those of Muslim faith.

Information About ATAMI Sekaie's Hot Springs

ATAMI Sekaike House has a full range of facilities. The Open-air Azure Terrace, where you can enjoy cocktails prepared in an authentic bar overlooking Sagami Bay, as well as the Lounge Lookout" and "Meeting Rooms" all of which are available for use.

The hotel also offers extensive accommodation programs, including a conditioning salon where you can receive tailored treatment for your body, and a morning yoga session to relax your mind and body. Other activities such as "finest conditioning," "walking methods," "fasting," and more are also available here at ATAMI Sekaie, so you can spend your time however you please.

Summary of ATAMI Sekaie

Image of Kinomiya shrine
Photo:Kinomiya Shrine

As shown in the video, staying in guest rooms with luxury open-air baths is the charm of the ATAMI Sekaie hotel in Atami.During your stay, you can also enjoy visiting popular sightseeing spots around the hotel, such as Atami Plum Garden, Kinomiya Shrine, Atami Castle, Atami Sun Beach and Atami Onsen”.

For those of you who wish to enjoy a luxurious onsen trip in Japan and experience the finest hospitality, be sure to check out this video and experience the wonders of ATAMI Sekaie.
There are also many Instagrammable spots in the hotel, so be sure to take some pictures!

Room rates vary by season and room type, so please check the travel website or official website for more details.

◆ATAMI Sekaie◆
【Address】 269-1 Izusan, Atami-shi Shizuoka-ken 413-0002 
【Access】About 5 minutes by car from Atami Station on the JR Tokaido Shinkansen Line

【Official Website】ATAMI Sekaie

【Official Website】Atami Tourist Office

【Tripadvisor】ATAMI Sekaie

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