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Hakkoda Hotel in Aomori Prefecture

The video “Hakkoda Hotel Promotional video” (「八甲田ホテルPR動画」), made by “spasukayu,” introduces Hakkoda Hotel at Mt. Hakkoda (八甲田山, Hakkodasan) in Aomori Prefecture in Japan's Tohoku region. The area around Hakkoda Hotel is rich with nature.

Hakkoda Hotel is run by Sukayu Onsen, a company in Aomori Prefecture. It's a high-end resort hotel with a western-style log house architecture.
The hotel is in the Hakkoda peaks and surrounded by a forest of beech trees, with a peak altitude of 920m.
It's situated in Towada-Hachimantai National Park and is a part of the People’s Recreation Spa of Sukayu.

The video shows the front desk, rooms, hot spring bath, restaurants, and bar of the hotel; all of which are beautiful.
Be sure to watch the video to get a feel of what the hote lis like before visiting.

Enjoy a Stay at Hakkoda Hotel in Aomori Prefecture!

At Hakkoda Hotel, you're welcome by a dog idol named “Fujiko.” Proceed to the front desk through the luxurious entrance hall introduced at 0:12 in the video.
There are many artworks by Munakata Shiko, a woodblock-print artist, in the hotel, emitting a great atmosphere.

The guest rooms at Hakkoda Hotel come in wide varieties: twin rooms, maisonettes, and special rooms with Japanese, Western, and Japanese-Western styles.
The beautiful rooms are introduced at 0:33 in the video. Be sure to take some pictures for your Instagram!

Gourmet Food and Hot Springs at Hakkoda Hotel, Aomori

At Hakkoda Hotel, there are restaurants where you can enjoy Japanese cuisine or a French lunch and dinner, as well as a bar and a hot spring bath that you can enjoy on a day trip.
There is no dress code when you stay, and we recommend enjoying some French cuisine at “MeDeau” or some Japanese Kaiseki cuisine at “Japanese restaurant Shakomizu.” After enjoying some amazing cuisine, head to “Bar lounge PLATTO” and try some Japanese sake and cocktails.
The restaurants are shown at 1:29 in the video.

The most exciting part about staying is of course the hot spring.
After filling up on some exquisite cuisine, enjoy physical and mental relaxation at the large public bath? There's a sauna as well!
The hot spring bath is shown from 1:12 in the video.

The hot spring quality is aluminum sulfate, and it's effective at treating neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, fatigue, sensitivity to cold, stiff shoulders, bruises, digestive disorders, hemorrhoids, paralysis, stiff joints, sprains, and good for recovery from diseases and health improvement.

Summary of Hakkoda Hotel, Aomori Prefecture

The Hakkoda peaks are a popular tourist destination with beautiful fresh green leaves in early summer and gorgeous autumnal foliage in the fall.
Being in the Hakkoda area in Aomori Prefecture, Hakkoda Hotel offers snorkeling experiences, bridal plans, and more.
Take a trip to an elevated resort for a luxurious break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

There's a pick-up bus available as well.
Please check the official website for information on accommodation plans, booking, rates and transportation access.

◆Hakkoda Hotel◆
【Address】030-0198 1-1 Minamiarakawayama Oaza Arakawa Aomori city Aomori Prefecture
【Access】About 70 minutes by pick-up bus from Aomori Station on the JR Ouu line.
【Telephone No】017-728-2000

【Official website】Hakkoda Hotel

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Hakkoda Hotel in Aomori Prefecture Is a High-End Resort Hotel Embraced by Nature! Spending Time Relaxing at Such a Beautiful Space Is a Great Way to Spend Your Holidays!
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