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Watatsumi no Yado

Are you looking for a luxurious getaway during your trip to Japan? Well, if you're going anywhere near Hyogo prefecture then Awaji Island is something you've got to check out!

This video, titled "introduction video of "Awaji Island|Natural Radium Hot Spring|Cuisine|Restaurant and Inn [Watatsumi no yado] Introductory Video" (淡路島天然ラジウム温泉料理旅館【海若の宿】紹介動画), was produced by jenovacojp.
The video is filled with charms of Watatsumi no Yado, an Inn located in Awaji, Hyogo prefecture.

Watatsumi no Yado is a popular accommodation on hotel and ryokan review and comparison sites, and is renowned for the great hospitality and luxurious time it provides for its guests.
In this article, we'll introduce the popular ryokan (inn) Watatsumi no Yado on Awaji Island.
The video includes amazing images of hot springs, rooms, foods, and views that will leave speechless!

About Watatsumi no Yado

The hot springs of Watatsumi no Yado are 100% natural radium hot springs without any filtration or additives.
It's a natural high quality hot spring that warms the body naturally.
The ryokan has a natural rock bath, a large public bath, an open-air bath, sauna, and more!
We highly recommend it to those looking for the ultimate relaxation.

The hot spring "Kusushi yu," is certified as a medicinal hot spring and is said to be very effective in maintaining good health.
Private family baths are also available at Watatsumi no Yado.
Relax and unwind in the indoor or outdoor baths and rid yourself of fatigue.
You can see a beautiful view of the hot springs at 0:36 in the video.

The water is said to be effective against gallstones, chronic cholecystitis, gout, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, chronic women's diseases, sensitivity to cold, hemorrhoids, sprains, bruises, bruises, paralysis, stiff shoulders, joint pain and neuralgia, and also offers relief from fatigue.

Watatsumi no Yado's Gourmet Cuisine

At Awaji Island's Watatsumi no yado, you can enjoy delicious kaiseki cuisine with seasonal ingredients and more! This can be seen at 0:58 of the video.

You can enjoy excellent Naruto sea bream cuisine and juicy Awaji beef from Awaji Island.
In addition, there are a variety of delicious Japanese dishes made with fresh, young sardines from Awaji Island and conger eel, which are only available for a limited time.
Nothing beats relaxing in some hot springs after eating some delicious food!
You'll be reinvigorated and ready to get back to your daily life!

Inside of the facility, they have the restaurant Hamakaze (浜風), the teppanyaki restaurant Bistec, and a banquet hall as well.
You can even enjoy a drink after dinner in the karaoke room to finish off your day and unwind.

There is also a one-day lunch course a Watatsumi no Yado that includes access to the hot springs, and amenities are also provided, so you can visit empty-handed.

Rooms at Watatsumi no Yado

Watatsumi no Yado has beautiful Japanese-style rooms where you can relax while enjoying a beautiful view of the sea.
The inn offers a breathtaking view of the sunset as well.
You can see it at 1:48 in the video.

At 1:18 in the video, you can see the special suite room, where you can experience the ultimate in relaxation.
It's great for anniversaries and other special occasions.

Sightseeing Around Watatsumi no Yado

There are many great places to visit in Awaji, Hyogo Prefecture, where Watatsumi no Yado is located!

Awaji Hanasajiki Flower Park (あわじ花さじき, Awaji Hanasajiki), Awaji Yumebutai (淡路夢舞台), Izanagi Shrine (伊奘諾神宮, Izanagi Jingu), Akashi Kaikyo Government Park (国営明石海峡公園, Kokuei Akashikaikyo Kouen), Kiseki no Hoshi Botanical Museum (奇跡の星の植物園, Kiseki no hoshi no shokubutsuen), Awaji Highway Oasis (淡路ハイウェイオアシス, Awaji Haiwei oasisu), Roadside Station Awaji (道の駅 あわじ, michinoeki Awaji), Hokudan Memorial Park (北淡震災記念公園, Hokudan shinsai kinen kouen), Awaji World Park ONOKORO (淡路ワールドパークONOKORO, Awaji Wa-rudo pa-ku ONOKORO), Awajishima Park (淡路島公園, Awajishima kouen), and more! If you plan on coming to Watatsumi no Yado, be sure to check out some of these popular sightseeing locations!

Summary of Watatsumi no Yado

This video shows the delicious food and natural hot springs of Watatsumi no Yado on Awaji Island.
If you're curious about Watatsumi no Yado after reading this article, be sure to watch the video!
Watatsumi no Yado, a place where you can enjoy the natural hot springs of Awaji Island, is also a Japanese heritage site.
With great food and beautiful photogenic scenery, you're sure to have a great time!

Access is about 20 minutes from the Awaji Interchange on the Kobe Awaji-Naruto Expressway or about 15 minutes from the Hokudan Interchange.
Rates vary by season and plan, so be sure to check the official website.
The inn is very popular, so we highly recommend making a reservation before visiting.

◆Watatsumi no Yado General Information◆
【Address】〒656-1721 150 Nojima Hikinoura Awaji city, Hyogo
【Access】~20 minutes from the Awaji Interchange on the Kobe Awaji-Naruto Expressway or ~15 minutes from the Hokudan Interchange by car.

【Official Website】Awaji Navi - Awaji Island Tourist Guide - Awaji Island tourism, travel accommodation, hot springs, gourmet food, and event information!

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Watatsumi no Yado – A Luxurious Hot Spring Inn on Awaji Island! Great Rooms, Delicious Food, and a Great View in Hyogo Prefecture! What More Could You Ask For?!
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