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Yamanaka Onsen Hanamurasaki

This movie is a promotional video for the luxurious ryokan Hanamurasaki at Yamanaka Hot Springs in Kaga City, titled ‘Luxury Ryokan Hanamurasaki at Yamanaka Hotsprings [4K60p](花紫 山中温泉のおすすめ高級旅館 Luxury Ryokan Hanamurasaki at Yamanaka Hotspring [4K60p]).’ It was created by ‘Japan Explorers.’

This article will provide you with all the attractions of ‘Yamanaka Onsen Hanamurasaki’ with which you can enjoy a traditional Japanese atmosphere with top-notch customer service.
Hanamurasaki is highly regarded on various hotel/ryokan review and comparison sites.

In the video, you’ll be shown the interior and exterior of Hanamurasaki, its dinner and rooms, and the most renown Yamanaka Hot Springs.
Enjoy the attractions of Hanamurasaki!

Rooms at Hanamurasaki

Hanamurasaki is a luxurious ryokan in Japan's Hokuriku Region (北陸地方, Hokuriku Chiho) located in Yamanaka Onsen Higashi Town (山中温泉東町, Yamanaka Onsen Higashimachi), Kaga City.
Hanamurasaki also received a 5-star rating from a professional panel.
It is easily accessible thanks to the free shuttle bus services running from Kaga Hot Spring Station (加賀温泉駅, Kaga Onsen Eki).

There are 4 types of rooms: Standard Room, Spacious Room, Comfort Suite Spring, and the Comfort Suite Summer.
All the rooms face the Kakusen Gorge (鶴仙渓, Kakusenkei), so you can enjoy a beautiful view of the valleys and rivers from your window, while enjoying the traditional Japanese atmosphere of a high-class ryokan.
‘Comfort Suite’ rooms are equipped with western-style rooms, so that foreign visitors can relax while feeling the traditional Japanese ambiance.

The ‘Comfort Suite’ rooms have half-open-air baths that use 100% natural spring water and a variety of amenities.
The rooms are introduced at 0:40 in the video.

Hanamurasaki's Hot Springs

The hot springs, the main attraction of the ryokan, are introduced at 2:40 in the video.
At the open-air observatory hot spring ‘Hirahira’ at Hanamurasaki, you can bathe while observing the beautiful Kakusen gorge.
Having both a cypress bath as well as a rock bath, it is quite a luxurious space.

Dining at Hanamurasaki

Hanamurasaki offers ‘A La Carte Kaiseki’ where you can enjoy Kaiseki (a type of appetizer), with the cuisine of your choice from a menu of about 50 different items.
Each piece of tableware is also handmade, allowing you to enjoy the food with not just your mouth, but your eyes as well.
We recommend trying out some of the seafood dishes. The impactful plate garnished with an entire snow crab is a sight to behold.

For those of you who don't want to bother choosing your dishes one by one, a number of model courses, such as ‘Seasonal Kaiseki (旬懐石, Shun Kaiseki)’ and ‘Flower Kaiseki (華懐石, Hana Kaiseki)’, are available so you can enjoy Kaiseki Cuisine (懐石料理, Kaiseki Ryori) unlike that of any other ryokan. These meals are introduced from 0:52 in the video.
The ryokan also has facilities such as ‘Stay Dining Nihon’ and ‘Bar Lounge.’

Sightseeing at Hanamurasaki!

Image of Kakusen Gorge riverbed
Photo:Kakusen Gorge riverbed

In the Kakusen Gorge, which can be seen from Hanamurasaki, you can enjoy dining at the Kakusen riverbed. The Ayatori Bridge (あやとりはし, Ayatorihashi), based on the popular traditional Japanese game "Ayatori," is another popular, instagram-worthy tourist attraction in Kakusen Gorge.
Yuge Street (ゆげ街道, Yuge Kaido), where Yamanaka Onsen Hanamurasaki is located, is lined with many gallery shops that sell traditional crafts, as well as restaurants, cafes, and shops that sell croquettes and other items that can be eaten while walking around.

Summary of Hanamurasaki

As stated before, the main drawing point of Hanamurasaki is relaxing in the traditional Japanese atmosphere.
We hope we were able to convey the amazing service of this luxurious ryokan, as well as describe some of the attractions in the area.
We highly recommend this ryokan for foreign visitors as well.
Prices vary by plan and season, so be sure to visit the official homepage or travel sites for more information.

◆Yamanaka Hot Spring Hanamurasaki Information◆
【Address】〒922-0114 17-1 Ho, 1, Yamanaka Onsen Higashi Town, Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture
【Access】15 minutes by car from JR Hokuriku Main Line, Kaga Onsen Station (Free shuttles buses provided)
【Parking】Free parking lot provided
【Telephone No】0761-78-0077

【Official Website】 Yamanaka Hot Spring 5-Star Hotel Hanamurasaki|Kaga Onsen Village, Ishikawa Prefecture

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