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Yugawara Hot Spring, Kanagawa Prefecture

This video was created by "Japan Explorers," and it is a PR video of the Japanese inn (旅館, ryokan) "Manyo no Sato Hakuunso" at Yugawara Hot spring, in Kanagawa Prefecture, in Japan's Kanto region.
The title is "The luxury ryokan Yugawara Onsen Mano no Sato Hakuunso published by Michelin" Yugawara Hotspring Hakuunso [High quality ](ミシュラン掲載の高級旅館 湯河原温泉 万葉の里 白雲荘 Yugawara Hotspring Hakuunso [高画質])".

In this article, we'll introduce the charm of Yugawara Hot spring’s "Manyo no Sato Hakuunso," which has been posted on Michelin for four consecutive years.
Yugawara Hot spring, in Kanagawa Prefecture is a popular inn. The video introduces luxury rooms and hot springs, as well as beautiful Michelin-rated dishes.
Before we get started, please enjoy the video showcasing the hospitality of a Japanese hot spring inn.

“Manyo No Sato Hakuunso”: The Luxury Japanese Hot Spring Inn Located at the Historic Yugawara Hot Spring

Manyo no Sato Hakuunso is a luxury hot spring inn located at Yugawara Hot spring, one of Japan's leading hot spring towns.
Yugawara Hot spring is located in Ashigarashimo-gun, in Kanagawa prefecture, and is easily accessible from Tokyo and Yokohama.
Every room at the Yugawara Onsen "Manyo-no-Sato Hakuun-so" has an elegant and luxurious structure where you can relax and enjoy the natural view of the Chitose River.

There are five rooms with an open-air hot spring bath, three separate rooms with an open-air hot spring bath, one room with an open-air bath, and nine general guest rooms with an indoor bath.

Each guest room has a name, "Soseki Literature Museum," "Fujimura Literature Museum,”" "Dokuho Literature Museum," "Manyo," "Tsubaki," "Sakuraba," "Hydrangea," "Hana Mizuki," "Hakumo," "Jukuni," "Seseragi," "Satsuki," "Chitose," " Yayoi," "Minami," and "Hatsune." Accommodation plans include one-day spa plans and banquet plans for groups.

Introducing Manyo No Sato Hakuunso, Also Recognized by Michelin

In addition to the guest rooms with hot spring baths, there are also Sanukinoyu (large public baths) and suite private spa (private open-air bath), where you can fully enjoy Yugawara Hot spring.
The large baths overflowing with rich spring water are introduced at 1:52 and 4:51, and private open-air baths are introduced at 3:48.

The quality of the hot spring is calcium chloride. It's effective against rheumatic diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, wounds, chronic eczema and keratosis, weakness, gynecological disorders, hypertension, poor circulation, arteriosclerosis, gout, uric acid, and more.
The baths are also fully equipped with amenities, so there's no need to worry about bringing your own.

Japanese Cuisine at Manyo No Sato Hakuunso

Speaking of the pleasures of Japanese hot spring inns, Hakuunso also serves delicious Japanese cuisine.
Manyo no Sato Hakuunso has been published in the Michelin Guide "Yokohama / Kawasaki / Shonan II Special Edition" for four consecutive years.
The dinner course is introduced at 2:19 in the video.

The kaiseki cuisine, which uses fresh seafood purchased directly from local fishermen and locally grown vegetables, is changed monthly, and the chef, Koichi Okuyama, provides exquisite, seasonal Japanese cuisine that has earned the restaurant a Michelin listing.
One of the features of the evening meal is "Horaku-yaki," in which seafood is steamed and grilled in a ceramic pot.
This can be seen at 2:51 in the video.

Breakfast, typical of a traditional Japanese ryokan, is introduced at 4:18.
Small plates of brightly colored dishes are elegantly presented, and local dried horse mackerel is roasted on a cooking stone and freshly grilled giving it a savory flavor and also making it a spectacle to behold.
Both dinner and breakfast are served with glistening rice cooked in an earthenware pot, giving it the most flavor possible. I know you're probably looking forward to eating here now, just be careful not to eat too much before you go sightseeing.

Facilities at "Manyo No Sato Hakuunso"

“Manyo no Sato Hakuunso” at Yugawara Hot spring, has a wide range of in-house facilities.

In addition to the private open-air baths and the large hot spring baths, there is the blissful, relaxing Ajisai-no-Mori (Forest of Hydrangea), the aesthetic salon, the private room space Suzukaze, and the dining room Senkei.
You can use the facilities of "Manyo no Sato Hakuunso" at your leisure.

Sightseeing at "Manyo No Sato Hakuunso"

Image of Gazebo

In the Yugawara area, one of the most popular hot spring sightseeing spots in Japan, there are many sightseeing spots we recommend.
If you want to get in touch with the nature of Yugawara, visit Manyo Park, Makuyama Park (Yugawara Bairin), Hoshigayama Park Satsuki no Sato, Fudo Falls, and Yoshihama Beach.
The best natural scenery is also a great spot for Instagram.

The "Doi Castle Ruins," where you can experience the history and culture of Yugawara, has the best view.
You can experience the art of Yugawara at the "Municipal Yugawara Art Museum," "Pumpkin Museum," "Kyotaro Nishimura Memorial Museum," "Living National Treasure Museum," "Hakone Lalique Museum," "Hoshino Prince Museum," "IZU PHOTO MUSEUM," "Buffet Children's Museum," and "Iri."
If you want to enjoy the popular local gourmet restaurants in Yugawara, go to the ramen shop "Ramenya Iida Shoten" or the bakery "BREAD & CIRCUS."

Popular festivals and events include "Yugawara Onsen Sunday Sightseeing Morning Market," "Watching the Show," "Training tour of Yugawara geisha," "Yugawara Onsen Marine Fireworks Festival," "Firefly Party," "Ikemine Momiji no Sato, and Tea Room."
As you can see there are plenty of sightseeing spots in Yugawara!
Please enjoy sightseeing in Yugawara as you see fit!

Summary of “Manyo No Sato Hakuunso”- The Michelin Listed Inn

How'd you like the video filled with the charms "Manyo no Sato Hakuunso"?
The gentle Japanese style guest rooms provide a relaxing space.
If you want to spend a relaxing time at a Japanese inn, tasting Michelin-starred cuisine and taking a dip in a hot spring, watch this video to experience the wonders of Manyo no Sato Hakuunso.
Room rates for reservations vary depending by season and room, so please check the official website and travel websites for details.

◆ Manyo no Sato Hakuunso Introduction of Facility Overview◆
【Address】 716-1 Miyagami, Yugawara-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture 259-0314
【Access】About 10 minutes by car from Yugawara Station on the Tokaido Main Line
【Parking】Available. 15 cars.
【Telephone No】0465-62-2341

【Official Website】 Yugawara Onsen Manyo-no-Sato Hakuunso Yugawara Luxury Ryokan-Ashigarashimo-gun

【Official Website】Yugawara Onsen official tourist site "Onsen town 60 minutes from Yokohama"

【Tripadvisor】 Yugawara Hot spring town Yugawara_machi_Ashigarashimo_gun_Kanagawa_Prefecture_Kanto-Vacations.html

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